Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Blythe Schedule Book 2012

Every year around September, Blythe releases a schedule book for the following year with four different covers to choose from. This year, I picked "Vinter Arden" (left in the photo below) while my friend picked "La La La La" (right). These were purchased from Amazon Japan. They are also available on Junie Moon which ships internationally.

The Blythe doll in Vinter Arden is rocking not just rosy pink locks but also a surprising dash of lime green eyeshadow paired with peach lips.

The schedule book runs from November 2011 to January 2013, with a different theme and doll for each month. The intricate detailing on the customised Blythe dolls never fail to fascinate.

Wonder what adventures next year will bring?

Also included is a sheet of stickers for marking out special occasions.

My well-loved collection of Blythe schedule books.


cewek said...

Hi Haru!

I know you're a massive stila fan, so I thought you maybe interested in reading this interview with Jeanine Lobell.



M xx

Lucy said...

They're beautiful. I've always wanted to dye my hair the same coluor as the vinter blythe, but i'm not sure how. I love how they have stickers! Do you actually use them?

Haru said...

Hi M,
Thanks, I did read that interview earlier!

Hi Lucy,
I do use the stickers but not all of them :)

Elaine said...

Hey Iris,

Great to know the Blythe schedule books are out :)

I normally got Blythe stuff at Wheelock- Dollz Inc.