Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lush Pow Wow Lip Scrub

Trust Lush to come with an inventive spin on lip scrubs by taking popping candy and infusing it with a host of beneficial oils! Pow Wow was recently released as part of the holiday collection. This pot was included in the massive All I Want For Christmas hatbox that my husband gifted me.

When opening Pow Wow for the first time, I was drawn in immediately by the zesty lime sherbet aroma, courtesy of the lime oil in the scrub. This genuinely looks and smells good enough to eat. All of Lush's lip scrubs are actually edible, as you can see in this Lush video introducing Pow Wow. The Lush lady pops a big pinch of the lip scrub into her mouth at the end of the video.

Aside from exfoliating the lips, Pow Wow also helps to hydrate lips with organic jojoba oil, rose hip oil and argan oil. Since it is designed for the holiday party season, Lush also put in ginseng root powder, caffeine powder and goji berry powder for an extra boost of energy.

Using this was certainly an interesting experience. First off, this is a lip scrub that is best used at home over the sink as some of the scrub particles do fall off inadvertently. It results in a light green tint on and around your lips as you work in the scrub and the oils. It doesn't result in any staining of the skin though. I didn't really experience any popping effect on my lips but I did hear the pop and crackle of the scrub bits that fell into my sink. While the oils in Pow Wow do a great job of softening and moisturising the lips, the scrub particles were a tad messy for my liking. You could probably get the same exfoliating effect by using a soft toothbrush. Nevertheless, kudos to Lush for coming up with yet another creative and delicious-smelling product. This smells like the freshest lime sherbet ever.

My pot was made on 30 August with an expiry date of 30 October 2012.


Jamilla Camel said...

I need this during the depths of winter in the UK!

makeupmag said...

Incorporating the idea of popping candy into a lip scrub is very clever! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,
Do you know when they are opening in Sg and where?


Haru said...

Hi Michelle,
Lush is opening in late November in the basement level of Wisma Atria. You can check their Facebook page for the latest info.

Anonymous said...

Expiry is October 2012 on your label it says :)

Haru said...

Thanks for pointing that out! Will correct the post :-)