Monday, 24 October 2011

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick #9

Like Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick #2, #9 is a creamy shade saturated with lots of vivid pigment. It is a rich berry red, with pink undertones.

The collection comprises 15 shades (which you can see in the pics from the press launch on Sassiam) but it seems like only 7 shades are available in the UK. Based on the set of testers that I saw at the store, #7, #9 and #11 are available in France but not in the UK. I would have liked to purchase more of these lovely lipsticks but sadly, most shades were out of stock at the store that I was at.

As #9 is intensely pigmented, it is best applied with a lip brush as applying it straight from the tube tends to deposit too much pigment on the lips. I like how it smoothly it glides onto the lips. It lasts about 4-5 hours on my lips without significant feathering, although my lips do start to feel dry after the first couple of hours. It does transfer easily if you do any drinking or eating, so touch-ups are required after a meal.

As the shade is so intense, it can look quite stark if applied straight from the tube (as shown in the pics above). Hence, I always ended up either blotting it down or applying just a small dab to the centre of the lips and smudging it out with my fingertip (as shown in the pic below). It stains the lips a light berry pink after it has been wiped off.

I think Rimmel has done an excellent job with this collection (which does not seem to be limited edition) and I'll definitely pick up more shades in the future if I get the chance. currently has five Kate Lasting Finish lipstick shades in stock as well as all six Union Jack eyeshadows.

A behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of the ad.


Anonymous said...

The colour is pretty but it look a little pink on your lips. The packaging look luxe as well!

Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty! I've got 3 of these, and I'm quite impressed!

shopaholic said...

thanks to you, dear. I ordered #2 at ASOS :)

Anonymous said...

the color of the lipstick s lovely! but i also noticed from the picture of the lipstick that the lipstick is "sweating"/what looks like droplets of water on the lipstick you know what causes them?and if they affect the quality of the lipstick?
i was just wondering since i have a few lipsticks that are also "sweaty" but the droplets are much larger and more dispersed.and i thought it was that maybe they were expired?when i bought it?please your your opinion :]

Jacqueline said...

I am a big fan of red lips, strong colours suit you well. I love this shade.

Haru said...

The "sweating" is usually caused by the warm environment and humidity. I took the photo of the lipstick after coming off a long flight from a cold climate into a warm tropical environment, so the beads of moisture formed on the surface of the lipstick. They do not affect the texture of the lipstick. You can blot them off with tissue but that usually leaves marks across the surface of the lipstick.

LauraLeia said...

I think your 'dab and smudge' technique is great! It looks really nice. Thanks for the tip! ^^