Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tokidoki Barbie and New Tokidoki Bag

Way before the controversy over the Tokidoki Barbie erupted in the US media, I've been wanting this for my Tokidoki collection.

Thanks to a stroke of luck, I managed to snag it for the original retail price on Ebay shortly after it was released. Just mere days later, the prices on Ebay increased several fold and the Mattel website promptly sold out after the furor over her tattoos.

Certainly, the hot pink micro-mini and leopard print tights aren't exactly the definition of class and elegance but that's not what Tokidoki is about. I wouldn't dress like that personally but that doesn't stop me from loving all the whimsical design details of this Barbie, from her shellacked pink bob, coy sideways glance to her glittery silver stilettos and Bastardino pet on the golden leash.

The Tokidoki Barbie is a Gold Label production meant for the adult collector, which means no more than 7400 units were produced.

With my MAC Barbie, another treasured collectible from 2007.

At the Takashimaya sale in Ngee Ann City level B2 today, I found the white Tokidoki cross-weave bag going for S$119 (about half its original price).

When I first saw the bag at Tangs Orchard several months ago, the soft white material and sakura motif appealed to me immensely but it looked tricky to maintain, plus the girl looked like an alien with her olive green skin and purple hair and lips!

This is actually two bags in one as the inner organiser can be removed and comes with its own detachable strap.

Some of the other designs on sale.

The latest collection of Tokidoki bags on level 2 of Takashimaya.


tokidoki said...

Hihi.. may I know where the racks holding the bags on sale are? i was at taka today but I could only see the new collection.. there were no signs of those older designs on sale nearby (or I was too blur to notice)
thanks in advance!

Haru said...

The sale is at level basement 2 (near Crystal Jade), not at level 2. It's a big sale with many brands of shoes, bags and other accessories like watches.

tokidoki said...

OIC!!! thanks Haru!!! AHH I missed it...
thanks for sharing.. you are so lucky to get the Tokidoki Barbie

Haru said...

You're welcome! :-) My Barbie came a slight defect though: the tiger tattoo on her neck is missing half its face. Nevertheless, it's still a keeper!

. : * justine * : . said...

Oh, pretty!! I've never even seen that bag here (just the black and white robbery ones). I love the bag organizer best - shame that material doesn't look waterproof at all!

There's controversy over the Barbie?? It's so kick-ass looking, and perfect for the brand collaboration!

Haru said...

hi Justine,
There were complaints by some parents that the Tokidoki Barbie is a bad role model for children because of her tattoos and how she is dressed. But many have also pointed out that the doll is for adult collectors and not being marketed to children.

I love the Robbery print too!

Anonymous said...

i want d barbie too! on ebay, ppl are jacking up prices to us$500!!

Cristina Shopping Therapy said...

This is the first time when I see a Tokidoki Barbie :) Thanks

bj said...

Hello, where is this exactly in takashimaya (the tokidoki display)? im really interested in the new collection!! :) thanks so much! :) I saw the takashimaya sale Im a guy but I cant seem to see one that fits me LOL... most of it were handbags :P

Haru said...

The Tokidoki display is on level 2 of Takashimaya, in the bags section. It is next to the LeSportsac section. They have plain black bags as well, with the Robbery print on the inside.

axi_1099 said...

Why in Poland we haven't Tokidogi bags? :( It's not fair! ;D