Sunday, 9 October 2011

Liberty x Hello Kitty Collection Goodies

Thanks to the wonderful WorshipBlues and my husband, I received a marvellous bonanza of the Liberty x Hello Kitty collection. The collection was launched in Liberty in London a couple of weeks ago and it will be rolling out to Boots stores in the UK on 10th October. The extensive collection covers everything from makeup, bath products, accessories to stationery. It is also surprisingly affordable and will make wonderful gifts for the holiday season.

The Hello Eyes Eye Shadow Compact (£8; 6g) contains eight powder eyeshadows with a soft shimmery finish. The cover features the Wonderland print of Hello Kitty on a scooter amidst giant blooms.

The Kitty Wonderland Cosmetics Bag (£16) includes a mini mascara, pink shimmer lip gloss and a shimmery dark purple eye shadow. The makeup products are all made in China.

Love the antique gold ribbon zip charm!

Like Paul & Joe's Collection Sparkles, the design wraps completely around the eyeshadow pot.

The Hello Lips Lip Gloss Collection (£10, 4x7ml) is a highly wearable quad of lipglosses in a gorgeous metal case. The lipgloss shades are Natural, Light Pink, Dark Pink and Plum. Natural is also included in the Kitty Wonderland Cosmetics Bag set.

The decorative print on the covers is actually just a sticker and looks like it will be susceptible to wear and tear.

The Candy Kisses Lip Tints (£8; 3x17g) have a light fruity scent. The lids come off too easily so I accidentally dipped my fingers into the Berry Lip Tint while trying to pop the tins out of the plastic insert.

Bright Pink

Light Pink


The Lip Gloss case fits the lip tint pots, mascara and eyeshadow pot nicely!

The Apple Tree print for the accessories and stationery is also incredibly cute. The Happy Holidays Travel Set (£11) of a luggage tag and passport case makes the perfect gift for a frequent traveller.

Both are fabric-covered with faux leather and brass metal accents.

Look After Your Pennies Coin Purse (£8) is going into my bag immediately.

And for storing precious trinkets, there is the fabric-covered Apple Tree Jewellery Box (£18). The plastic cover can actually be removed.

There is actually also a removable tray that I seem to have temporarily misplaced! The dividers in the bottom can be adjusted or taken out completely.

Take Me Home Apple Tree Shopper Bag (£6) is an ultra-thin, light eco-bag that comes in a beautifully-made matching bow-shaped case with a bow charm.

I'll be using the case to carry the lip tints on the go, as it's just the right size with no risk of the pot covers coming off.

If you are in the UK, this is definitely a collection not to be missed for Hello Kitty and Liberty print lovers!


shuaddict said...

Those are stunning. Not too overly cutesy but perfect for grown up Hello Kitty lovers! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures showing them off.

Lynn said...

This is cuteness overload!! Thanks for the beautiful and whimsical pictures; they do make a beautiful collection :D It's so sweet of your husband to give in to your makeup addiction and help you CP so many lovely things!

everbluec said...

This is sweetness overload!!! <3

bOng said...

so cute!!!!!! would super love to have 'em !!!

Elisa ♥ said...

it's looking cute!

MudpieVivi said...

Aww your hubby is so sweet!!!! thanks for sharing!

Jamilla Camel said...

*Faints from all the cuteness* - What an amazing selection! You are a lucky girl!

Light Love said...

How cute! Super eye-catching :)

Fay. H. said...

omg I want the eyeshadow compact soooo much! Is it possible for Canadians to get it?

Anonymous said...

scream: cute!!!! :P

Haru said...

hi Fay,
Liberty ships internationally but the postage cost is exorbitant at £25. does not deliver internationally. Perhaps you can try asking a friend in the UK to help you purchase it?

Kas said...

OMG!!! HELLO, HELLO KITTY!!!! I like everything and the eyeshadow palette has real nice colours!

Elaine said...

Uber cute!!! :)

saltvinegar said...

Lovely!!!I'm loving Liberty prints more and more thanks to you!

Cynthia said...

Hi Iris

I WANT!! Do you know if they will be available in Singapore? If not, is the shipping cost per item or per shipment? If it is per shipment, I might pool a few girlfriends to buy these stuff

Haru said...

hi Cynthia,
I don't think this collection will be available in Singapore. According to Liberty's website, their standard international shipping cost is £25.
You should contact them for more information if you are interested in placing an order.

MatryoshkaDoll said...

I completely agree with Shuaddict, such a lovely collection with a print that is not at all childish (unlike the Sephora Hello Kitty stuff in my opinion). I have many lemmings now, but not sure I'll want to pay the 25 pound shipping price.

Mei said...

The shipping is really expensive, but since it's a flat rate I guess it'll balance out if alot of items are ordered? really contemplating the items. Really really tempted!

Citrine said...

Cute haul! I didn't like hello kitty at all in my childhood (when other girls in my class went ooh-and-ahh allover it) but now I am started to fall for it, thanks to beauty brands.

Unknown said...

Ooooooooh I want the tote but havent had the chance to go back for it. When will its appear in Boots? I also want the brolly..I need the brolly!!

effortgirl said...

Hi, posted on twitter but can't wait :)

have u seen any shops in Sg selling HK Liberty? I don't want to buy the Pampers set, pay for int'l shipping etc only to see it in Sg stores.


Haru said...

Nope, I haven't seen the collection being sold anywhere in Singapore. I doubt it will be available here as it is exclusive to Liberty and Boots.