Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Lush Lip Tints: Snow Fairy and Chilli Tingle

Lush recently launched two new Lip Tints in Snow Fairy and Chilli Tingle as part of their new Christmas collection.

The tiny metal tins are super convenient to carry around but I find that the bottom half of the tin does not allow much space for getting a good grip when one is trying to unscrew the lid. I didn't have any problems opening Chilli Tingle but I did struggle with opening Snow Fairy as the cap had been turned pretty tight.

Chilli Tingle (£4.75/10g) is a lovely orangey-red tint inspired by a trip to Mexico. It contains organic ground chilli for stimulating the lips, annatto seeds (which are known for bearing a strong natural red tint) and dried hoja santa, an aromatic herb that is also known as ‘sacred leaf’.

Despite the name, I didn't experience much of a tingling effect with Chilli Tingle. This is mild enough for anyone to use as it is nothing like the lip-stinging effect of DuWop's famous Lip Venom. It has a milk chocolate scent (but no significant taste) that is quite strong when you first apply the lip tint but it turns more subtle after about a minute. It gives the lips a soft coral orange tint with just the barest hint of shine. I usually apply it with just two or three swipes of my fingertip, as using too much can cause the tint to slide around and form streaks.

The lip tint, which contains jojoba oil and fair trade cocoa butter, wears quite comfortably on the lips but feels a tad waxier than my Paul & Joe lipbalm which has more slip.

Snow Fairy (£4.25/10g) has a much more subtle tint than Chilli Tingle, adding just a very soft blush of baby pink to the lips.

It contains moisturising ingredients like extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter, cupuacu butter and murumuru butter, plus sherbet, dried raspberries and icing sugar. The scent is girlishly sweet and candy-like, which may not be everyone's cup of tea but if you like Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel, you will probably adore this.

While Lush's Lip Tints do a decent job of softening and hydrating the lips while adding a touch of colour, I still prefer lip tints/balms in the stick form which do not require dipping one's fingers into the product.

An amusing sign outside a Lush store in France proudly proclaiming "tested on the British!"


kuri said...

pretty tints!

that sign is funny!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love the Chilli Tingle on you!

Minoueel said...

the sign makes me smile! And Chilli Tingle looks great on u!