Sunday, 2 October 2011

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection: Swatches

At Sephora in France yesterday, I chanced across the Too Faced "Only In Your Dreams" holiday collection. Of the three sets available, I was drawn to the Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection (49€/US$52). Also available were the pocket-sized Glamour to Go Dream Edition palette and the Beautiful Dreamer Makeup Collection but these two sets featured mainly neutral and classic shades.

The whimsical baroque photo frame design of the palette will appeal to the young at heart with its glittery flower motifs. Some may not like its bulkiness (around the same size as the Urban Decay Book of Shadows) and the cardboard packaging, but personally, I love how this brightens up a dressing table, adding a touch of the holiday magic.

The palette opens up to reveal 15 powder eyeshadows and a pull-out drawer with two powder blushes, a bronzer and a highlighting powder. There is no catch or clasp, only a magnetic closure to keep the lid close. The palette is certainly not travel-friendly, but it is a veritable treasure chest of diverse shades. The set also comes with a full sized Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, which is excellent and can easily last more than 6 months with daily use. (Although Urban Decay Primer Potion also comes in a squeeze tube now, I've read that the formula seems to be problematic in the tube.)

The mirror under the lid is prettily decorated but I never use the mirrors in such palettes.

I do worry about the lack of a secure hinge as the lid is secured to the palette only by glue to a strip of paper running along the spine.

The shades in the palette are actually Too Faced's most popular shades and not new. Hence, it's worthwhile to check first to see if you already own the shades. Fortunately, I only have two of the eyeshadows, Satin Sheets and In The Buff which were in the Naked Eye Palette. Four of the shades (Label Whore, Teddy Bear, in The Buff and Peach Fuzz) also appeared in last year's Enchanted Glamourland palette.

The pull-out drawer also holds three cards with shade combination suggestions for "Day Dreamer", "Dancing Sugar Plums" and "Sultry Swan".

The palette is made mainly in the US and assembled in the Dominican Republic.

The 15 eyeshadows feature a good balance of classic shades, smoky and bright shades. Most have either a shimmery metallic finish or a satin finish with a soft sheen. The matte shades are Teddy Bear, Smolder and First Dance.

The swatches below were done over Shadow Insurance. All of the shades swatched very well and required just a single pass to show up.

Candlelight Glow (4g/0.14oz) is a highlighting powder that is exclusive to this palette.

Sweet Pink Blush (2.5g/0.08oz)

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (4g/0.14oz) and Cocoa Rose Blush (2.5g/0.08oz)

Too Faced's palettes and sets always offer spectacular value for money. Provided that one does not mind the bulky packaging, I think they make perfect gifts for friends who are just starting to get into experimenting with makeup.


Melon said...

All I can say is it's very pretty!!

Verlyn said...

Yea I do agree that Too Faced makes super-value-for-$ sets. And they're always so beautiful! Great for collection purpose (:

Jamilla Camel said...

Very nice and great value!

galpal.hi said...

That palette is really pretty! I honestly haven't tried anything from Too Faced before and this may be the time to try out the brand.

Thanks for sharing!


Janel said...

Thank you for the review :). Doing research on the palette, now I just might buy it lol. Never tried anything from too faced, this just might be my first buy from the brand.

Anonymous said...

The eyeshadows are not really my thing. But I'm eyeing the Beautiful Dreamer set. :) But kudos to Too Faced for the pretty packaing!

nia said...

i love label whore, looks so complex