Sunday, 2 October 2011

By Terry Hyaluronic Face Glow

Recently, By Terry introduced a new Hyaluronic Face Glow, a tinted primer which is supposed to provide an alternative to foundation by creating the illusion of perfectly bare skin, correcting one's skintone and leaving skin toned and plumped thanks to its whipped hyaluronic molecules.

Available in three shades (No. 1 Fair Glow, No. 2 Nude Glow and No. 3 Warm Glow), it retails for S$87 at Sephora in Singapore (versus £44 in the UK, 48€ in France and US$65 in the US). There's not much of a price difference across the four countries.

The "hydra-matte nude base" has a "hydra-fill water-based mousse" texture and can be used on its own in place of foundation or under foundation for added coverage and glow.

Here's the product description on "Whipped Hyaluronic Acid molecules fill in, plump up, smooth and hydrate. Galanga leaf extract plumps up and hydrates from the inside by activating Hyaluronic Acid production. Soft-Focus prisms and correcting powders smooth out lines and wrinkles, conceals open pores, erase blemishes for a correction without a heavy feel or visible line. Mineral Pigments create a network of matte light."

The Hyaluronic Face Glow feels very refreshing and lightweight when first applied. I purchased this in No. 1 Fair Glow, which was a good match for my MAC NC20-25 skintone.

In the pics below, the Hyaluronic Face Glow is applied on the right half. It dries down quite quickly to a soft matte texture and helps to even out my skintone somewhat. The level of coverage is sheer to medium, and it cannot completely conceal serious blemishes or under-eye dark circles.

Sad to say, while the Hyaluronic Face Glow felt lovely when applied on the back of my hand in the store, it didn't work well for me. I have tried it several times, and experimented with it by applying it on bare skin as well as skin prepped with toner or moisturiser. It tends to peel on my skin, regardless of whether I use moisturiser beforehand. Hence, I usually have to use a face brush to brush away the tiny flakes before I can apply foundation or a powder on top of it. One also has to be careful in applying it evenly, otherwise it can cake, for example towards the jawline. It does not cause my skin to oil up excessively but it was not that impressive in terms of evening out my skin texture.

Here's a look that I did with the By Terry Hyaluronic Face Glow with DiorSkin Forever Compact foundation on top and Tarte Amazonian Clay Long-wear Blush in Tipsy on the cheeks.

On the lips, I am wearing Paul & Joe Lipstick CS #74 Lower East Side from the Manhattan fall collection. This is currently my favourite lipstick for daytime as it's just so easy to wear.

I found it peculiar that the shelf-life of the Hyaluronic Face Glow is only 6 months. If used daily, I'm sure it can be finished within 6 months but for people like me who like to rotate amongst different products, it will be a challenge to do so. I have read positive reviews of the Hyaluronic Face Glow, so it was a pity that it did not work out well for me. If you have smooth skin to start with, I think this will work better for you.

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Anonymous said...

That's a nice lip color on you. I tried a By Terry foundation everyone raved about and I was so turned off by the strong fragrance. I hate that the French brands scent their makeup so heavily. Japanese color choices may be boring, but I like that everything is unscented.

Jamilla Camel said...

love the lipstick!

Haru said...

Thanks! The Hyaluronic Face Glow is scented but I don't find the floral scent to be too strong. After applying it, I can't detect the scent.

hi Jamilla,
Thank you! :-)

Rei said...

Thank you for the review, I love By Terry products :-) I have noticed that a lot of foundations/TMs peel on me if I have a gel based moisturizer/sunscreen underneath. It seems these two textures don't get along...

Haru said...

hi Rei,
Gossmakeupartist had a useful video where he pointed out that if your foundation and moisturizer have different bases (e.g. a water-based moisturiser versus a foundation with some oil in it), that could lead to cakiness and separation. With the By Terry Face Glow, it peeled on me even when I didn't apply any moisturiser.

Haru said...

Here's the link to Gossmakeupartist's video in case you're interested!

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

Both hb and my 2 kids are FINALLY asleep! =P Can I say that I like your lippie? I think I have to check it out when I go to orchard again. ;)

Looking your recent looks. Very subtle, but very lady =)

Haru said...

Thanks, AhCapp! I'm wearing the same lipstick in the post on the Armani Blushing Fabric.