Thursday, 28 February 2008


Allie is a suncare line made by Kanebo. I'm a loyal user of their sunscreens which usually come in SPF 50 and PA+++. The outstanding feature of their sunscreen lotions is that they have a watery lotion-like texture that dries down nicely to a non-greasy and non-sticky finish, unlike most other sunscreen lotions which tend to have a heavy cream texture. Check out the newly revamped Allie website here.

Allie offers three sunscreen lotions to choose from. They contain hyaluronic acid and collagen for deep moisturising benefits and are unfragranced. The star feature of the new line-up is their "stress-free formula" which promises to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin. The sunscreens are all non-greasy and yet they help to keep skin moisturised as they contain hyaluronic acid molecules coated with silicone and "UV cut" micro-powders.

1. Comfortable Sunscreen EX (Water Touch): A light textured sunscreen lotion that does not require a special cleanser to remove. (1470yen for 25ml, 2940yen for 60ml)

2. Comfortable Sunscreen EX (Perfect): A "super water-proof" sunscreen. (1470yen for 25ml, 2940yen for 60ml)

3. Comfortable Protecter EX (Whitening) (1575yen for 25ml, 3150yen for 60ml)

Actress Kato Ai (formerly the face of Revue) is the new model for Allie. I'm totally loving her look in the new campaign, especially that gorgeous red dress. Quite a change from the usual hot bikini-clad babe in Japanese ad campaigns for sunscreens!

Allie also has a makeup line that includes foundation, eye makeup and cleansers.
1. EX Lasting Pact (powder foundation) SPF 40 PA+++
2. EX Lasting Liquid (liquid foudation) SPF50 PA+++
3. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
4. Waterproof Mascara N
6. Waterproof Eyeliner N
7. Waterproof Eyebrow N
8. Face & Body Cleansing N
9. Eye Make Cleansing

If you're travelling to Japan, Allie can be found in virtually any drugstore.


Anonymous said...

any parabens in allie?

Anonymous said...

Yuri Ebihara is the model for Shiseido Anessa, not Kanebo Allie ^^

Karelessly in Love said...

Have you tried this? I wonder how Allie compares to Anessa.

Haru said...

The Allie website states that all the Allie sunscreen lotions do not contain preservatives and mineral oil so I think they do not contain parabens, which are preservatives. There's no ingredient list on the website though.

Oops, sorry about the Ebihara mix-up! I'll amend the post to reflect that, thanks for pointing it out!

I've tried only the previous version of Allie and it's excellent, kept my skin from burning and tanning despite several hours in the sun. I haven't tried Anessa before.

Ann the Queen said...

hi.. how do you get your supply of allie sunblock?

Haru said...

I'm still using the bottle that I bought in Japan last year. I'm not sure if Allie is sold anywhere in Singapore. does carry Allie but they don't have the newest version yet or the full range, only the sunblock lotion. also carries Anessa. Just search under 'Day Care'.

Hope that helps!