Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Visee model Koda Kumi in hot soup

In case you're wondering why the Visee official website is down, it's due to the current media furore raging in Japan over the inanely insensitive remarks of the spokesmodel, pop star Koda Kumi, that the amnion fluid in women's wombs start to rot after they hit the age of 35. (She was talking about her hope that her newly-wed manager would get pregnant soon.) Koda has since apologised but virtually all her advertisements and scheduled public appearances have been either pulled or cancelled.


Kathi said...

Wow! I am speechless! What a rude little girl she is!

Haru said...

It was a really stupid thing for her to say. But I think she's already being punished very severely for it. I haven't seen such a big media backlash against a Japanese star before. Even Sawajiri Eriko, the Coffret D'Or model/actress, who caused a media furore after behaving sullenly at a press conference didn't get all her media appearances cancelled and she continued to promote Coffret D'Or after that. Koda Kumi is a much bigger star than Sawajiri though (I think she was the top-selling Japanese pop artist last year) and this may be a case of the media vultures descending on someone who's a prime target.

Anonymous said...

What seems like a mild case of stupidity to us might be an egregious offense to the Japanese.

Given that Japanese society (at least the prevailing culture) can be a bit ageist in it's leanings, KK's remarks probably cut to the quick for a lot of women; Japan is an ageing society, demographically speaking. The vast majority of women in Japan are over the age of 35 (the median age is around 45 years), so Miss Kumi's remarks could potentially offend a very large portion of the society. Now, I'm not familiar with Visee, so I'm not sure if it's a youth oriented brand, but I don't think that Visee (or it's parent company Kose) is willing risk future sales, even if it isn't geared towards older women.

Either way, the girl's a moron.

Melissa said...

What a disgusting thing to say! Some people need to think before they speak. I agree with you Mandypandy, the median age is around 45 and yes she definitely is a moron.
BTW Love your blog here!