Friday, 1 August 2008

Albion Exage & Eprise Fall '08

Albion will launch its new Autumn/Winter base makeup collection for its Exage line on 18 August in Japan. Exage's Chiffon powder foundations are regularly voted the best powder foundation in Japanese beauty magazines. The new collection includes:

1. Exage Moist Fine Liquid: liquid foundation in 6 shades, SPF15 PA+ (5250yen, 28ml)

2. Exage Extra Moist Chiffon: powder foundation in 6 shades, SPF15 PA++ (4200yen for refill, 12g)

3. Limited edition foundation case (1575yen)

Check out the official website here. Also check out the 2007 limited edition foundation case in my very first post on this blog!

Albion's color makeup brand, Eprise, will also launch its fall collection on 18 August. The collection features 3 new shades of Creamy Eye Color, 3 new Playful Nail polishes, 2 new shades of Fresh Rouge lipstick, a new Deep Finish Mascara (in 3 shades), and Mix Cheek Color blush duos in 3 variations.

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