Saturday, 9 August 2008

Beaute de Kose Website Update

The Beaute de Kose website has been updated with the Fall'08 collection, which was released on 1 August in Japan.

The collection includes:

1. Metallic Lustre Eyes 001 Sparklet Silver and 002 Sparklet Gold (5040yen)

2. Eye Fantasist GY059 Metallic Grey and BE354 Pearl Beige (2625yen)

3. Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl BE385 Nougat Beige and PK890 Fairly Pink (2940yen)

4. Nail Dramatist OR203 Coral Glow, RO603 Sugar Plum and PK816 Cherry Lustre (1575yen)

All the items are limited edition. The Metallic Lustre Eyes were already in stock at the Beaute de Kose counter at Metro Paragon a week ago but they didn't look that impressive in person so I didn't bother to test them.


makeupmag said...

They finally deigned to make a beige Eye Fantasist, hurray! :0)

By the way, the Daiso Sponge Cleanser post is up:

Thank you again, for your help. :)

makeupmag said...

I had a look at BE354 and I had to get it; it's SO pretty and will make a beautiful base or an all over colour on its own. :)