Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lancome Holiday '08

Here's a sneak peek at Lancome's Holiday '08 color makeup collection from Voce magazine. The collection will be released on 31 October (items 4 to 6) and 28 November (items 1 to 3) in Japan.

1. Color Fever Gloss (3360yen)
2. Color Fiver Dewy Shine (3780yen)
3. Ombre Absolute Duo (5460yen)
4. Color Focus Palette Quartre Ombre (6930yen): with a star print
5. Juicy Tubes (2835yen)
6. Le Magnetique nail polish (3150yen)


Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!! do you know what are the the two lighter shades in the quad? i love lancome quads! thanks

Haru said...

Hi Jojoba,

Sorry, I don't have any details on the shades in the quad. If I get any more info, I'll let you know.