Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Kesalan Patharan Website Update

The Kesalan Patharan website has been updated with the new fall collection, Melty Color Magic which will be launched on 22 August in Japan.

It includes:

1. Eye Color Palette S006 (beige brown, coral, red brown), S007 (plum, aqua blue, purple) and S008 (gold yellow, light green, khaki). All limited edition. (3990yen)

2. Face Color N #12 Coral Orange and #13 Salmon Pink (2625yen)

3. Lip Color N #16 Shiny Pink, #17 Beige Pink and #18 Nude Beige (3150yen)

4. Sheer Micro Loose Powder S001 Gold Flesh Tint: with gold and white pearl shimmer (4725yen, 25g, limited edition)

It's a pity that Kesalan Patharan pulled out of Singapore last year, otherwise I would be seriously tempted to pick up the gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, especially S007!


makeupmag said...

The e/s are pretty! KP has always been one of my favourite brands. I still use their products quite a fair bit. :)

Unknown said...

hi haru, i live in singapore too.. and wondering how do u order ur jap makeup brands like Esprique precious.

i tried to post.. but unable too.. if u can provide an email. i can drop u a note.

hope to hear from you.


Haru said...

Hi Michelle,

A friend who lives in Japan helps me to buy my Japanese makeup. You can try ordering from websites such as and Adambeauty usually has the most reasonable prices and shipping is quite fast too. HTH!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to buy Kesalan Patharan lipstick 018 nude beige. do you know where I can buy it now? thank you

Haru said...

I don't know of any websites that sell Kesalan Patharan but you can try emailing or to ask if they can help you to purchase it as their owners are based in Japan where KP is sold. Their prices do tend to be quite marked up though.