Saturday, 9 August 2008

Demise of Raycious

A notice has been posted on the Raycious website that sales of Raycious products will be ceased with effect from 25 August. Raycious has been one of Kao Sofina's main drugstore brands focused on base makeup, in addition to Fine Fit. Raycious was well-known for its illuminating foundations that focused on creating the look of glowy skin. Personally, I liked Revue's powder foundations much better than Raycious, which did not have as good coverage as Revue. Nevertheless, I am sad to see another Japanese brand bite the dust. It's almost like seeing an old friend disappear.

Raycious will be replaced by Prima Vista, another "no print price" brand, which means that Japanese drugstores will not be able to discount it... which is a shame from the consumers' point of view. The ad visuals for Prima Vista are some of the most boring that I've ever seen from a Japanese brand!


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo! =[
I bought the Glamorous Skin Powder just a while ago to try and began falling in love with it! Enough to switch over from my usual foundation! Too bad I can't stock up on these 'cause of the sunscreen. I'm so sad now. =[

Haru said...

Aww, that's a shame. I had Glamorous Skin Powder previously and it turned out to be too yellow-toned for me but other than that, it wasn't too bad at all. Even better than my Giorgio Armani powder foundation in fact! But there are plenty of other good options around. If you like illuminating powder foundations with micro shimmer, I would recommend Jill Stuart's Powder Foundation, which is pricier than Raycious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try that next! Yeah, I thought it was quite yellow when I first opened it too. But after using a few times, the under layers got less yellow. Speaking of JS, do you know of any other sites that sell JS products? I don't think ichibankao will be getting the LE stuff.

Are you planning on trying Lash Gorgeous Wing? I'm eagerly waiting on mine as it's in customs right now. Gahhh, the suspense is killing me.

Haru said...

I'm waiting for my friend to send me the latest JS collection plus the new MM mascara! I should receive it sometime this week and will post pics and reviews after I've tried them out. also carries some JS products but I'm not sure if he has the LE stuff. Kyotobabe is another website that does custom orders but it may be difficult to order the LE items now as they've already sold out at the JS counters in Japan. You can also try Bobodave.