Saturday, 9 August 2008

Chicca Romance Mission

Kanebo's high-end prestige brand for mature ladies in their 50s and older, Chicca, launched its new fall collection, Romance Mission on 6 August in Japan. It features dramatic rich shades of purple and red that are perfect for fall, and also quite unusual for a Japanese makeup brand. Most Japanese makeup brands are marketed towards younger women who tend to favour soft pastel and neutral shades that are easy to wear. Chicca (pronounced "ki-ka") is currently available only in two locations in Japan, Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and Umeda Hankyu department store in Osaka.

The collection includes:

1. Enthralling Powder Eye Shadow (7350yen): #18 Night Glow, #19 Evening Party, #20 Tete-a-tet, #21 Love Avenue, #22 Mysterious Love. The shade on the left side of each palette is the "light shade" to be used as the base or highlighter while the shade on the right side is the "shadow shade".

2. Enthralling Soft Pencil Eyeliner (4200yen): #1 Bluish Grey Point, #2 Dark Green Point, #3 Taupe Point, #4 Violet Point and #5 Copperish Point

3. Enticing Lip Stain (3150yen): #5 Kira Kira Sweet, #6 Hazelnut, #7 Kira Kira Raisin, #8 Deep Claret and #9 Kira Kira Dark Berry.

4. Enticing Lip Gloss (4200yen): #8 Gooseberry Purple, #9 Butterscotch, #10 Cassis Rose, #11 Deep Cranberry and #12 Star Grape

All the items are permanent.

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