Monday, 4 August 2008

Magie Decorte Website Update

Magie Decorte has updated its website with its fall collection, Bordeaux Magic, which will debut in Japan on 21 August. It features a palette of rich dark plums and pinks, mixed with warm gold and dark leafy greens. The collection includes two new eyeshadow quints and four new eyeshadow singles, all of which are permanent.

I love the "Shocking Chic" look featured in the ad campaign.

Here's the list of products used on the model:
1. Shadow Brilliance 021
2. Fairy Eyes RD450
3. Gem On Liner BK001
4. Pencil Eyeliner BK001
5. Powder Eyebrow BR301
6. Luxual Volume Mascara BK001
7. Lipstick RD452
8. Lipliner RO651
9. Face Color (Cheek) RD400
10. Face Color (Highlight) WT001
11. Face Color (Shading) BR300
12. Nail Color RD453

List of products used on the model for the Shocking Fantasy look:
1. Shadow Brilliance 020
2. Gem On Liner BK001
3. Pencil Eyeliner BK001
4. Powder Eyebrow BR302
5. Luxual Volume Mascara RD401
6. Lipstick PK857
7. Lipliner PK851
8. Face Color (Cheek) PK800
9. Face Color (Highlight) WT001
10. Face Color (Shading) BR300
11. Nail Color SP055

The only item that's tempting me from this collection is the new Fairy Eyes RD450 Secret Party (2625yen), which is a rich blackish bordeaux liquid eyeshadow.


makeupmag said...

*gasp* the singles are so pretty! I haven't looked at CD in ages. I still have a simple matte white from the line that's far different from these new singles in appearance and packaging. Will these be available in SG? Does Taka still carry this line?

kuri said...

Secret Party and the Fairy Rouge Secret Night look very appealing to me too! Such lush colors.

Haru said...

Hey Mag,

Magie Decorte is still not available in Singapore although I noticed the Cosme Decorte counters using the ad visuals for Magie Decorte. It's a real pity as Magie Decorte has some interesting shades and products, plus it's more affordable than the high-end prestige Cosme Decorte line. But guess that's the disadvantage of living in a small country like Singapore! Cosme Decorte is currently available at Isetan Scotts and Taka.