Monday, 4 August 2008

Shiseido The Makeup Fall '08

Shiseido The Makeup has updated its website with the Fall'08 collection. This is the first collection by Shiseido's new global creative director, Dick Page. There is a 3 minute video showing the shooting of the ad campaign featuring model Patricia Schmid as well as a 2 minute video featuring Dick Page showing how he applied the makeup on a model. The videos do not have any sound but they are still worth watching just to see the master at work.

List of products used for the Fall look:
1. Eyeshadow Quad Shimmer Q11 Rose Tones
2. Accentuating Color Stick S6
3. Automatic Lip Crayon LC6, LC8

For the Holiday look:
1. Eyeshadow Quad Shimmer Q12 Wood Tones
2. Accentuating Color Stick S6
3. Lipgloss G29

The two new Eyeshadow Quad Shimmers reminded me of two quads from Inoui ID, the makeup brand that Dick Page created for Shiseido before it was discontinued in 2007. Q11 Rose Tones is similar to Inoui ID quad #10 while Q12 Wood Tones is similar to Inoui ID #6.

I don't see anything in the Shiseido The Makeup fall collection that is a must-get for me. Personally, I still miss Inoui ID very much, especially their seasonal releases of new eyeshadow quads that feature more much innovative and fun combinations compared to those from Shiseido The Makeup, which is targeted at a more mature demographic. Inoui ID was also more affordable at 3150yen per quad compared to 4200yen for Shiseido The Makeup Eyeshadow Quad Shimmer.


Anonymous said...

I definitely miss Inoui ID!!! The new Shiseido palette looks nice but not sure if I will get it. I got the previous Summer one (Q8) with greens/purple/blue but somehow the combination of shades looks very muddy on me.

cewek said...

Hmmmm...what a disappointment! I was expecting new quads! Not a rehash of Inoui ID quads. Bad Dick!

Ah well, I suppose it's good for my wallet along with people that has missed out on the legend that was Inoui ID!

Anonymous said...

Actually the palettes are very different from the INOUI ID ones shown, I hope you're able to try them side by side to compare. It's difficult to reproduce colours in print, even harder to see on a computer screen! I'm glad there are still INOUI ID fans, it means a lot to me, but please give Shiseido a chance too! I've got some great stuff coming up, cheers!

Haru said...

Hi Dick!

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! I haven't had a chance to see the Shiseido quads in person yet but I am looking forward to checking them out in person. I am definitely looking very much forward to what else you've got in store for Shiseido!