Saturday, 30 August 2008

Paul & Joe Inspiree Haul

Paul & Joe's Inspiree collection was finally launched in Singapore at Isetan Scotts yesterday and I couldn't resist picking up most of the collection, especially since there was some great GWPs being offered at the same time. With purchase of $130, you can get a makeup pouch with 5 skincare samples and a Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV sample in #30. The SA also threw in a couple of foundation primer samples.

I really liked the prints in this collection (which are much prettier than some of the prints in recent collections like the black and orange cat print or the red print with weird faces) so I was looking very much forward to getting the tote bag and makeup pouch. I don't really care that much for Paul & Joe skincare and already have a ton of deluxe samples from my previous purchases but I just had to have the tote bag and pouch, which I know I will be using a lot!

After seeing the new Collection Sparkles face colors and lipsticks in the Japanese beauty magazines, I knew that I wanted to get most of them. When I finally saw them in person, they did not disappoint. Instead of trying to be trendy or edgy with the latest colours in fashion, Paul & Joe always goes for more classically feminine, soft pretty shades and this collection was no exception. The lipsticks were sheer and very natural when applied. For example, although #58 Muse looks like a muddy dark brown in the tube, when applied it is actually more of a slightly pinky-toned brown that would be suitable for most skintones. At S$39 each, the lipsticks are pricier than many other brands but the unique prints make them worth every penny. The only drawback is that being made of cardboard, I would recommend using a lipstick case to tote these around to prevent them from being crushed or stained.

The small makeup pouch that comes with purchases of S$130. I like the soft, cushiony material!

The matching tote bag that comes with purchases of S$160. This can be folded up into a much smaller size that is great for stashing away in your luggage on trips.

The Collection Sparkles!

I got all three of the new Facecolor Powder CS N in #58 Pressed Petals (purple & beige frost), #59 Atelier (dark brown and turquoise blue) and #60 Lullaby (pink brown & white pink). These retail for S$37 each. The shades are your typical Paul & Joe shades, very soft, feminine and pretty with a fine shimmer that is elegant and not over the top. They apply sheer at first but can be easily layered for greater intensity. These can be used either as eyeshadow or as highlighting powders on the cheeks.

Lipstick C #60 Inspiree: sheer natural pink

Lipstick C #58 Muse: sheer chic natural brown

Did you get anything from this collection? If so, do share your thoughts!


Kathi said...

Gorgeous haul! I love that black design with the pink flowers, too! I have the wallpaper as background on my notebook =D

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, it's all gorgeous! I'm definitely going to look into buying some of that :)

Anonymous said...

I bought all 3 lipsticks and the 3 eyeshadows from Bergdorf Goodman - I have a real fixation on P&J cardbaord packaging. I like lipstick #58 best of the lip colours (on me it's a mlbb) and I can't decide about the shadows - I like them all! My order came with the smaller makeup pouch only, but the larger purse is so nice, too.

Anonymous said...

I like the lipstick!!! Very pretty, are they moisturising and long-lasting? Wanna get my hand on one of those....hopefully it's not sold out yet.

Usagi Chan said...

Inspiree lipstick looks gorgeous! :D

Haru said...


the lipsticks are quite moisturising and I didn't experience any dryness after wearing them for several hours. As they are quite sheer, you do have to layer a few coats for greater intensity. P&J is my favourite brand for lipsticks as they are always non-drying and come in very flattering shades.

Anonymous said...

Hi... can I check with you the price (S$) of the LE lipstick and eyecolour?


Haru said...


as stated in the post, the face colors are S$37 and the lipsticks are S$39 each. HTH!

カロリイン said...

Hi Iris,

Thanks for the introduction on Paul & Joe's Autumn 2008 release. I was so tempted that recently I've got Facecolor Powder CS N in #58 and #59. Both of their shades are a rare thing in Paul & Joe range. I gave #60(pink brown & white pink) a miss as it's abit common, though the casing is very attractive and sweet. Indeed the lipstick color in #58 is almost nude, and it is a very safe color to wear, though the whole chunk look like a chocolate stick..:P I've got 1 too. :)