Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Addiction Fall 2011 Aurora Reflection

The fall collection that I'm most excited about is Addiction's Aurora Reflection, which will debut on 19 August in Japan. Here are some product visuals from Hankyu. The six new eyeshadows (2100yen each) are reportedly all shimmery and more on the translucent side, in keeping with the aurora theme.

1st row: Ice Storm, Silent Scream
2nd row: Deep Forest, Pink Python (?)

3rd row: Blue Moon, Poetic
4th row: Horizon

Blushes (2940yen) in Emotional (left) and Romantic.

Nail Polishes in Jewel Beetle, Misty Rain and Fall in Love.

Lip Glosses.

Top row: Coperia (?) and Jealousies
2nd row: Starlet and Fall in Love

Platonic and Miss Humour.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the look of the blushers!

Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty! Have you organized all you Uk purchases yet?

Haru said...

Hey Jamilla,
I've basically just dumped them all into a pouch to be used in the coming weeks! My stash is definitely not the most neatly organised.

Emilie said...

These are so sweet and pretty! We love the ethereal look.

Unknown said...

Breathing a HUGE sigh of relief!!

These are not my colours Haru so I am is my wallet!

Isla said...

Jewel Beetle looks really familiar...MAC VV?

Maya said...

Makes me wish I am heading to Japan to take a look at them! It hurts when I have so pay so much above retail just to to get my hands on some Addiction.

. : * justine * : . said...

This collection looks pretty but I think I will pass! I am still eyeing the cream blushes from the last release :)

Are you picking anything up?

nefta.chan said...

They look great! How can I purchase them from Singapore? Will you be holding any spree for them?

Haru said...

hi nefta,
I don't organise sprees. There are some online retailers like and which sell Addiction, but at rather high prices. The best is to ask friends travelling to Japan to help you purchase, if possible, as Addiction has counters only in Japan.

Elaine said...

I liked the eye shadows and blush ;) Thanks for sharing & figuring out the names :)