Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shu Uemura Nova Diva Swatches

I popped by the Shu Uemura boutique at Ion earlier today to check out the Nova Diva collection.

From the press release:

The diva has arrived.

Amid silence and darkness,
with a single gesture
her radiance breaks the ice.

Suddenly the stage lightens,
the diva reappears.
The same woman, yet totally different.
Her face is transformed as spotlights shine her from different angles:
coquettish; sweet; sensual; even evil.
She transports the audience to a different time and place…
Novadiva, the modern diva.

The 2011 A/W mode make-up collection reveals the Novadiva inside, capturing the light and shadow of every stage for the many roles all women play.

Choose your face. Choose your role. The world is your stage.

The collection includes 5 limited edition Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte lipsticks (S$39) in Sensual Red, Angelic Pink, Evil Pink, Darling Beige and Alluring Brown. They contain hyaluronic acid and ecotin for moisture retention; ceramide to protect the lips; and special “line-filling powders” and a “silky gel” for an ultra-comfortable fit. The “super-matte powder” and “satin-matte powder” formula diffuses light from every angle to give a “supreme” matte finish.

Apologies for forgetting to swatch these.

Tutu Laceflare lashes (S$29): These limited edition theatrical tutu-inspired lashes are composed of layered black lace weaved with a subtle gold glitter that offers multifaceted shimmers with every wink.

The three suggested shade combinations (from top to bottom):

Cool & Mystique: A darkly alluring palette for the temptress within, with shades that range from cool and shimmery to midnight blue and black.

Fairy & Fresh: Earthy beauty blooms fresh and new with glowing highlights in glistening gold and delicate pale green, while deep green and black suggest otherworldliness.

Elegant & Romantic: Rich brown and dusky pink shadows suggest a heroine with depth and sophistication, while subtle pink and bronze spotlight her romantic side.

The swatches below were done on bare skin without any primer. The third shade from the left in the Cool & Mystique quad is not labelled as I'm not sure of the shade number. In the official press release, it is supposed to be P Light Blue 611 but the shade in the display was a very pale gold.

Elegant & Romantic quad

The metallic (ME) shades still have the most velvety textures whereas the glitter (G) shades felt slightly more gritty. The pearl (P) and matte (M) shades felt dryer to touch and required more layering to show up.

The colour payoff was much improved when I swatched the eyeshadows over the Cream Shimmer Highlighter in Radiant Pearl (pic below).

The Cream Shimmer Highlighter in Radiant Pearl (S$33) helps to creates radiance and a dimensional glow, like a diva shining under stage lighting while the Cream Cheek in Amber (S$33) is supposed to be suitable for any skin tone. Both seemed easy to apply and blend but the Cream Shimmer Highlighter did not seem to set fully after several minutes as it still smudged when I ran my finger over it.

For Shu Uemura devotees, the Prima Palette case (S$22) is the collector's item to have from this collection. The lace motif has a subtle iridescent shimmer when you look at it closely under the lights.


Anonymous said...

Nice job! The pic isn't that clear, but do those lipsticks have a clear, moisturizing core? It could be the shadow from the case, but it looks like there's an inner circle in the lipstick.

Haru said...

I don't think there's a core in the lipsticks. Will check tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but the e/s doesn't appeal to me at all. The case though is a WoW! Does it fit the older e/s or blushes?

Haru said...

Nope, the new cases don't fit the old eyeshadows and blushes as the new eyeshadow and blush pans are smaller than the previous versions.

Jamilla Camel said...

I am absolutely drooling over these shades! Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

What is that two shadow palatte in the 3rd pic placed next to the eyeliner? It seems like a brown and violet combination?

Anonymous said...

the Cool& Mystic palette looks so darkish :( it had this nice blue on the press pictures :/

But thanks for the swatches.

Anonymous said...

I actually love those ES colors, the 2nd and 3rd rows, very me and wearable altogether. I hate theatrical makeup. How much is the ES set? Too bad, not in US, yet :(( Do U think they will launch this in US?

Haru said...

I'm sure the new eyeshadows and blushes will be launched in the US at some point. They are due to launch in the UK in September, I think. The eyeshadows are not sold as a set. You have to buy the individual eyeshadow refills and the case separately to form your own palette. The three combinations shown in this post are just the brand's suggestions for this collection theme.