Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Addiction, Jill Stuart, Paul & Joe, Lunasol and Sonia Rykiel Holiday Coffrets

Below are some pics posted on 2Channel of the upcoming holiday coffrets by Addiction, Paul & Joe, Lunasol, Jill Stuart and Sonia Rykiel. These were published in the latest issue of Bea's Up.

The Addiction "Sleepless Nights" coffret will be released on 1 November in Japan. It includes a palette with two powder eyeshadows and a blush, an eyeliner, a mini lipgloss, a mini nail polish and a pouch. I'm not sure what product is in the pot. The coffret will retail for around 9000yen.

Paul & Joe's coffrets for this year look much less ambitious compared to previous years. You can see the full collection on Fruity Lashes.

Jill Stuart Fairy Garden Collection will be released on 4 November.

The Lunasol Party Coffret will be released on 11 November.

Sonia Rykiel


Jamilla Camel said...

You will not believe this - Hubs got lost in Ginza and couldn't find the Takashimaya, hence no Addicton! Then, he couldn't find the RMK counter in Narita T1!! Hopeless - that man needs remedial training. I think he was just very intimidated by the language - but I did get my HR Fatal Blacks WP mascara and Suqqu eye makeup remover - £16.50 instead of £30.00! Oh well- he's back in November!

Haru said...

Aww, so sorry to hear that! But at least he got your HR mascara successfully :-)

Anonymous said...

no more sonia ryiel cosmetics in sg?

Haru said...

If I recall correctly, Sonia Rykel has counters at Tangs Vivocity and BHG Bugis.

Anonymous said...

Wow holiday is coming :)
Haru, which one do you want this year and why? TIA

Haru said...

I'll probably get some of the Paul & Joe eyeshadow singles and nailpolishes. The Addiction coffret is probably impossible to get. I'm not attracted by the Jill Stuart and Lunasol offerings. I'm definitely getting the new Meteorites from Guerlain as well.