Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lunasol Holiday 2011: Tender Glow Collection

Aside from the holiday coffret, Lunasol will launch a new Tender Glow Collection for winter on 11 November in Japan. It includes:

1. Modelling Cheeks: limited edition shade (2625yen for refill)

2. Cheek Brush (S): Blend of squirrel and goat hair (4725yen)

3. Full Glamor Lips G: two limited edition shades in coral pink and pink rose (3150yen)

4. Full Glamor Liquid Lips: two limited edition shades (2940yen)

5. Nail Finish: 2 limited edition shades in red and beige grey (1575yen)

1 comment:

Hannah said...

I'm not impressed by the holiday coffret and I don't need a portable (retractable?) cheek brush but it sure looks good. The cheek colours looks very pretty too.