Thursday, 1 September 2011

Fred Farrugia LOTDs

After playing with my first Fred Farrugia palette last week, I decided to assemble another palette.

This time, I picked up the blushes #7 and #8, three Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadows duos and a concealer.

(From left to right) Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadows #4, #28 and #38.

The Farrugia eyeshadow range contains a wealth of shimmery grey shades that often look virtually identical when swatched. The differences, if any, are very subtle.

Similar to the Becca concealer, the Farrugia concealer module contains a "corrector" shade with light coverage and a "concealer" shade with heavier coverage and a less emollient texture than the corrector shade. This is shade 05, the lightest shade. One drawback of having the concealer in this module packaging is that random pieces of lint tend to find their way into the concealer.

I like the blushes as they have good colour payoff and are easy to blend. They're not as intensely pigmented as Sleek or NARS blushes, but I find that they are easier to layer and blend without ending up with instant clown cheeks if your brush happens to pick up too much product. Most of the blushes have a semi-matte or satin finish, without any frostiness. Shown below (from left to right) are #2, #7 and #8.

Here's a look that I did with the Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadow #4 (a shimmery pale yellow and shimmery royal purple) and Blush #7. I also used the beige rose shade from #28 above the outer half of the crease to add some depth.

Another look with Pearlized Twinkle Shadow #28 (shimmery grey and shimmery rose beige).

I used Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner for this look. Although I like the jet black shade, the eyeliner doesn't last well throughout the whole day for me. By evening time, I can see a gap along my lashline where the eyeliner has worn off. I also still prefer liquid eyeliners in which the eyeliner fluid flows naturally into the brush tip without having to push a button, like those by Dolly Wink and Heroine Make.

Thanks for reading!


blondycandy said...

Thank you so much! What a great review! I loved colors, textures, finishes - everything! Your LOTDs are so beautiful! I loved yellow-royal combination the most.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting palette...can i know where you get it?

meowie said...

Hi thank you for the review you are so detailed
Beautiful makeup look

Rachel said...

Love the palette, what a great combi of shades! My fave liner is still Kate Super Sharp, which I prefer to the K-Palette version as the brush tip is shorter and firmer, which makes it easier to control.

Haru said...

Hi blondycandy,
Thanks, glad to hear that you enjoyed the review!

Fred Farrugia makeup can be found in Sephora stores in Singapore, France and Italy.

Hi meowie,
Thank you!

Haru said...

Hi Rachel,
I have the Kate liner too but find that it tends to stain my eyelids and takes quite a bit of effort to remove.

macarroon said...

Hi Haru

You look amazing! Did the colours lasts for several hours? I have oily lids, and I wonder does the colours last for several hours? Did you a base?

Haru said...

hi macarroon,
Yes, the eyeshadows did last well on me over more than 10 hours of wear. I always use a base. These days, I've been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance mainly. For these looks, I used Paul & Joe Eye Color B.

FarahDean said...

Love the col combos you chose in this stack. Such fun, cheery colours!

Anonymous said...

Hi just wondering, how much did it cost for the whole thing?

Haru said...

Each module is 15€ and the First Kit (comprising the top and bottom caps with the mirror) is 5€.