Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lunasol Holiday 2011

Here are a few more pics from Voce of the Lunasol holiday makeup collection launching on 11 November in Japan.

Party Coffret 2011 (6825yen): Party Eyes TG, Cream Cheeks, Full Glamour Gloss N, Skin Contrast Face Powder (mini size) and pouch. You can see real-life pics of the coffret on Kyoko Iida's blog.

Modelling Cheeks: 1 limited edition shade (2625yen for refill, 1575yen for case, 1050yen for brush)

Nail Finish (1575yen): 2 limited edition shades

Full Glamour Lips G (2940yen): 2 limited edition shades

Full Glamour Liquid Lips (2940yen): 2 limited edition shades


Jamilla Camel said...

love the Modelling cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Do you know if the cream cheek in the Lunasol coffret is a limited edition colour or one of the colours in the regular range?

Haru said...

The cream cheek is a new shade that is exclusive to this set. All the products in the coffret are new and limited edition shades.

cewek said...

Yummy candy colours!

Btw, Haru have you seen the Liberty x Hello Kitty collection?

Haru said...

hi cewek,
I haven't seen the collection in person yet but I should be getting some of them in the future!