Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lancome L'Absolu Crème de Brillance #357 Rose Mythique

When I first started to wear makeup, I was fascinated by mauve and deep blood red shades for the lips. However, most of the shades that I tried just did not go well with my complexion. Over the past couple of years, I've developed a fondness for brighter reds instead as I find that they work much better with my skintone. Nothing perks up a look instantly more than a juicy red lip. While pink shades are less high maintenance than red, I still get drawn first to the red shades whenever I'm browsing the makeup counters.

This week, I'm loving the Lancome L'Absolu Crème de Brillance #357 Rose Mythique for its effortless glamour. The creamy gloss comprises 50% "caring actives" (Pro-Xylane complex, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and a Moisture Fix Complex) to keep lips hydrated for up to ten hours. My tube is made in Japan.

#357 Rose Mythique is a lovely glossy red with micro-fine shimmer. It doesn't have any obvious glitter bits. It applies supremely smoothly with excellent colour payoff and zero grittiness. It does not have a strong scent or flavour.

The oval sponge applicator is simply brilliant. It is broad enough to cover the widest parts of the lip in one stroke. The tapered tip reaches the corners of the lips without veering past the lip line. It is also extremely handy for creating the precise shape that you desire, for example at the bow of the upper lip. The applicator comes out of the tube with just the right amount of product on it. I never have to dip more than twice in the tube and the whole application process takes less than 20 seconds.

Like most lipglosses, the wear time is not fantastic and I do need to touch up after about 3 hours or after a meal, but I do that regardless of which lipstick or lipgloss I use.


Anonymous said...

This is sort of an unrelated question to your post, but it's beauty related. Do you have any recommendations for any beauty forums? I used to go on makeupalley, but it's really changed (and not for the better). And I know about cozycot. Anything else?

Haru said...

There are some blogs that have their own forums like and KarlaSugar but I have never explored them.

Jacqueline said...

I have Rose Mythique it does lok as good on me as it is on you. You look fab in it.