Friday, 16 September 2011

Suqqu Holiday 2011

According to Voce, Suqqu will release its Christmas coffrets on 4 November in Japan. The coffrets will retail at 8400yen each.

1. Christmas Makeup Kit A: Blend Color Eyeshdow EX05 (limited edition), Eye Cream R (4g)< Eye Makeup Remover R (50ml) and pouch A

2. Christmas Makeup Kit B: Blend Color Eyeshdow EX06 (limited edition), Eye Cream R (4g), Eye Makeup Remover R (50ml) and pouch A

3. Christmas Hand & Bodycare Kit: Hand Care Cream 60g, Hand Care Cream 17g, Body Care Milk 200ml and a pouch.

On 18 November, Suqqu will also release a Christmas Special Kit (12,600yen), which includes the full size Frame Fix Foundation, Masculate Massage & Mask Cream 48g, Repair Essence 15ml, Moist Flow Lotion 30ml and Moisture Barrier Rich Cream 7g.

It looks like last year's makeup coffret was more value-for-money as it included a deluxe sized mascara instead of the eye makeup remover.


MaquiLab said...

The pouches are really cute :)

Hannah said...

I'm curious abt the 2 e/s palettes. Where can I find more info on them?

Haru said...

hi Hannah,
I don't know of any websites with any further info at this moment. The Suqqu official website should have more details closer to the date of release.

Evelyn said...

Is this available in singapore? Thanks..evelyn

Jamilla Camel said...

Saw this in VoCE too! I'll see if they have any more info at the SUQQU counter tomorrow!

Haru said...

hi evelyn,
Suqqu is sold only in Japan, the UK and Bangkok. There are some online retailers that sell Suqqu but at marked up prices.

Anonymous said...

suquu so expensive.
suquu is never value for money?
anyways u pay peanuts u get monkeys

Rei said...

My wish list keeps on expanding with your daily holiday collection preview post!