Sunday, 25 September 2011

Memories of this summer

Some of the things that made me smile this week:

Exquisite summer blooms

Finding the perfect present for a friend: a cup of chocolate mushrooms and truffles.

Receiving a surprise gift from Japan: a charming owl quartet containing charcoal powder for vanquishing damp odors.

A fairytale-like carousel

Have a good week ahead, everyone!


Minoueel said...

:) these really put a smile to one's face. Have a treat week harped too.

saltvinegar said...

Nice pictures! And aren't those owlets just handy! Gotta get myself one of those if i can find them.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I apologise for this unrelated question. I was wondering if you would know if I can purchase any of the Cle De Peau skincare products at dutyfree in Changi? I'll be flying through Singapore soon and am trying to work out whether I can get it while on transit or if I should just purchase it online.



Jamilla Camel said...

Can't beat flowers and chocolate! Our flowers are long gone in the UK!

Haru said...

hi Kay,
I don't recall seeing Cle de Peau at Changi airport dutyfree recently. They have other Shiseido skincare brands like White Lucent and Benefiance.

Lynn said...

Glad you're enjoying the summer there! Continue to have a blast and don't forget to share more about the trip :)

Anonymous said...


I love the chocolate mushrooms! Did you get them in UK or Singapore?

Haru said...

I got them in France.

Rachel said...

Lovely - is this Paris?

Anonymous said...

Love that carousel photo, is that in London too? :)

I started exploring Kenzo products recently and got a tub of the energetic mask , which is supposed to hydrate my oily-but-dehydrated skin. But i find the results so-so, been wondering if I use it wrongly. Do you use this product too ? Any comments on it, or recommendation for a good hydration mask (non-sheet mask) ?


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your quick reply, Haru!


Haru said...

hi Rachel,
Nope, it's not in Paris. The carousel is in Avignon in Provence.

hi keira,
I haven't tried the Kenzoki energetic mask. I usually use only sheet masks for hydration. Perhaps you can try the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is supposed to be very good for hydration?

macaroon said...

I love the photos! Really light up my day! Have a good week to Haru (-:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Haru, I love France! Its a pity we can't get such pretty chocolate in Singapore.

Mudpievivi said...

Hi Iris are you in Avignon studying French? I have a biz trip to Paris in Dec, was wondering if I shld go down to Provence. Friends say it is a tough region to explore w/out driving and the short days in winter r not good for visiting. How do you like it there now, and would appreciate your comments! Tks in advance! Merci!

Haru said...

I was in Avignon for a few weeks and yes, it is difficult to travel around unless you have a car. There is the train system but to get to smaller towns, you usually have to either drive or take a bus. The buses do not run very frequently, which can be very inconvenient so I didn't do much travelling arounf as I didn't have a car. It's much easier to get around on public transport in the Cote D'Azur region, as there are frequent buses running between Monaco and Nice, as well as the train (but the train is often disrupted by strikes). I much prefer the Cote D'Azur region as the coast is beautiful but I'm not sure if it's worth visiting in winter.

Mudpievivi said...

Thanks alot for your quick reply!