Sunday, 4 September 2011

Steam Cream x Cold Stone Creamery Promotion

From now till 8 September, Steam Cream is giving away a Cold Stone Creamery voucher (for 1 scoop) with each purchase of 2 tins of Steam Cream at BHG stores. Check out the lovely store display, including the 9 new designs, at the BHG Beauty Fair on their Facebook page!


Fitri said...

its a pity (or perhaps for the better) that the steam cream is a tad too greasy for my skin in Singapore's weather (much like the BodyShop body butter) and the scent is not pleasant to everyone (i applied this in the MRT and immediately ppl moved away from me lol). however i still do love the packaging and I can't wait to bring it overseas to try it out in a cooler climate.

Haru said...

Steam Cream does feel a bit oily on my skin when I'm in Singapore but when I'm in a much dryer climate, it doesn't have that oily feeling on my skin. The lavender scent took some getting used to in the beginning but now I love it!