Friday, 2 November 2012

Anna Sui Spring 2013

Here are more details from Voce on the Anna Sui spring 2013 collection, due out on 4 January in Japan.

1. Lipstick: 20 shades with either a pearlish "Dazzle Base" or "Vivid Base". (2940yen)

2. Lip Concealer Crayon: Crayon-type lip concealer to camouflage redness and discoloration. Matte finish. (2310yen, 1.5g)

3. Lip Crayon: 5 shades with a semi-matte finish. (2310yen, 1.5g)

4. Lip Color Top Coat: Lip gel top coat for sealing in lipstick colour. (2100yen, 8g)

5. Makeup Powder (Eye, Face): Loose pigments in #100 Shiny Blue and #900 Jewel Green (2625yen, 1.5g, LE)

6. Makeup Powder (Eye, Face Lip): Loose pigments in #300 Pure Pink, #301 Berry Pink and #600 Golden Orange (2625yen, 1.5g, LE)

More pics in this earlier post.

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