Saturday, 17 November 2012

Becca Beach Tints Dragonfruit, Lychee & Papaya Swatches

Becca recently released three new Beach Tints. Being a fan of these cream tints for the lips and cheeks, I couldn't resist getting all three, Lychee, Dragonfruit and Papaya. I also picked up the new Ultimate Colour Gloss in Hummingbird.

I ordered these from where they are normally £20 each, but if you are located outside the EU, they cost £16.67 each. Zuneta currently has free international shipping for orders over £40 with the code FREESHIPXMAS until 18 November.

The fine tapered tube opening makes it easy to control the amount dispensed. Each Beach Tint contains 7g/0.24 fl oz and is made in Germany. The tube looks tiny but it can last several months even with daily usage. The petite size also makes it very convenient for travel, plus there is no need to fiddle with brushes.

Here are swatches of my current collection of Beach Tints. Papaya is more pure orange-toned than Strawberry. Dragonfruit is more rosy pink than Watermelon, which is much more sheer. Lychee is a blue-toned baby pink. I did not encounter any separation or wateriness with the three new shades.

The three new shades have very good colour payoff while retaining their easy blendability. Only a very small pinhead amount is needed for one application. These have a light scent that match the shade name, which is not detectable when applied on the cheeks. Do also check out Drivel about Frivol and here for more swatches.

In the pic below, I am wearing Dragonfruit. It lasted about 4 hours on my cheeks and had completely disappeared by the evening. I think this was partly due to the Topshop Skin Tint that I was using, which made my skin a tad more oily than usual. The lasting power might not be that great but nevertheless, I'm still happy with the new Tints as they are so easy to use and help to liven up the complexion effortlessly. The only thing I wish Becca would do is print the shade names on the tube. The box comes with the shade name on a sticker, but once you peel it off, it does not adhere properly to anything else so I ended up having to slap some clear scotch tape on top of it to get it to stick to the tube. Not the most glamorous definitely!

Hummingbird lipgloss is a nice shade for every day wear. The gloss feels moisturising enough without being sticky or streaky. There is no shimmer or glitter, so the formula feels very smooth. It lasts about 3-4 hours on me. I do wish I had picked the darker Berry Twist instead though.


Anonymous said...

I just recently discovered these and I'm already a fan. You're right, a little goes a long way. I'll have to check out Dragonfruit and Raspberry.

Lille Solstrale said...

Hi..Just to let you know that Nars has arrived in Singapore and I attended the launch plus I got to meet Francois Nars himself. It was fab. I spent a fortune at Tangs (where the counter is) and I must say that you started me on becoming a MakeUp junkie hahahah..Cheers and thank you blogging. Wonderful to read all the time! The CD quint (the one you're using will only arrive 21 Nov at I put myself on the reserve list!) x

memoiselle said...

I like dragonfruit out of the 5 colors you swatched.

Haru said...

hi Lille,
Glad to hear that you got to meet Mr Nars! That must have been wonderful! It's great that Singapore is finally getting Nars. Hope you like the Dior quint as well. Thank you very much for reading the blog, it's always heartwarming to hear from readers :-)

hi Chris,
Dragonfruit and Raspberry are both lovely shades and well worth considering!

hi memoiselle,
Dragonfruit is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tipoff, i grabbed some skincare with the free shipping! -stella