Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shiseido Spring 2013

For Spring 2013, Shiseido will release two Luminising Eye Color Trio (4200yen, 3g) in RD711 Pink Sands and RD299 Beach Grass and a Luminizing Sating Face Color OR308 (4200yen, 6.5g) on 1 January in Japan. Formulated with Micromatic Color Pigments and Satin Smooth Pearl particles, these glide on with a silky consistency while the Dual Optimizing Powder provides lasting power and the S Hydro Wrap Vitalizing DE provides hydrating benefits.

Shiseido will also launch a revamped version of their popular Perfect Rouge (3675yen, 4g). The new formula incorporates a Red Illuminating Pearl and Micromatic Color Pigment for a silk-like shine and fresh, vibrant color. Volumising Oil provides a creamy texture while lips remain moisturised thanks to hyaluronic acid and S Hydro Wrap Vitalizing DE. It looks like the shade range is a mix of old and new, with favourites like RD514 Dragon being retained in the new line-up. The fifteen shades are: OR341, OR544, RD142 (used in the ad visual), RD304, RD305, RD514, RD732, PK303, PK307, PK343, PK417, RS306, RS320, RS347 and RS745.

There will also be a new Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in 10 glossy, shiny shades (3675yen, 4g) with a chic red packaging. Aside from the ingredients listed above for Perfect Rouge, the Tender Shine formula also incorporates a Dewy Oil. The shades are PK301, PK410, BE302, BR503, RD205, RD304, RD506, RS307, RS508 and RS509.

The new global face of Shiseido for 2013 is Chinese model Sui He. See a video clip on of her being made up by Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page.


lizzie said...

Everything in this collection looks absolutely gorgeous! Shiseido eye trios are really amazing-looking, i love the colour combos.

The Driveller Kate said...

I loved that video, thanks for linking! Really looking forward to these new lipstick formulas :D

Haru said...

hi Kate,
You're welcome! I love Perfect Rouge, so it'll be interesting to see how the new formula and shades compare.

hi lizzie,
It does look promising indeed!

Anonymous said...

I don't think these new e/s trios are new. I know I've definitely seen the Beach Grass one before in the States.

Haru said...

According to the Shiseido Japan press release, the two eyeshadow palettes and face color were limited edition releases from 2011 and 2010 respectively. They are being added to the permanent line-up in Jan 2013.