Monday, 26 November 2012

Lunasol Spring 2013

Here are the official product visuals for the Lunasol Spring 2013 collection, which is due out on 18 January in Japan.

It includes:

1. Vivid Clear Eyes: 5 palettes in #01 Blue Green Collection, #02 Pink Collectin, #03 Orange Collection, #04 Khaki Collection and #05 Pink Beige Collection. (5250yen)

2. Full Glamour Liquid Lips: EX08 Shining Clear Pink, EX09 Shiny Pink, EX10 Pure Coral, EX11 Red Beige and EX12 Shiny Coral Pink. All are limited edition and formulated with beauty essence ingredients to hydrate the lips. (2940yen)

3. Full Glamour Lips: 5 new shades in #12 Light Coral Pink, #13 Light Pink, #14 Beige Coral, #15 Soft Beige and #16 Beige Pink. (3150yen)

4. Treatment Gloss: Moisturising glossy balm that adds a hint of color. This comes in one shade, #01 Pure Pink. (2310yen)

5. Coloring Cheeks N: #1 Light Pink, #2 Light Coral and #3 Soft Beige Red. The new formula is designed to be long-lasting, with the three tones in each blush blending to provide a natural tint of colour. (2625yen for refill; 1575yen for case)

6. High Stylized Mascara SV: Separating and volumising mascara in #01 Clear Black and EX01 Natural Brown (limited edition). This is resistant against sweat and sebum and can be easily removed with warm water. (3150yen)

7. Brow Styling Compact N: GB03 Greyish Brown and BR03 Natural Brown. (3990yen)

8. Nail Finish N: 5 limited edition shades (1575yen)

Although Lunasol's collections usually look much better in real life than the bland official visuals suggest, this collection looks too dull for my liking due to the preponderance of beige and brown tones. More pics on Kuri's Beauty Report and Beautist.

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3,4 looks very intresting :)