Sunday, 4 November 2012 Friends & Family 20% Discount will be running their Friends & Family event from 6-9 November. It's a storewide 20% discount, excluding Fresh, Jane Iredale, Palovia, and Rodin. I've placed several orders at this year without any issues. They accept non-US credit cards and they stock Tarte, Urban Decay, Stila and tons more brands. The selection isn't updated as quickly as (they don't have the Tarte holiday sets for example) but still, it's pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing about the sale. I am wondering which shipping service did you use? I am interested in some items but am concerned that the shipping cost will eat up the savings.


Haru said...

hi K,
I use to ship to Switzerland. They ship by either DHL or FedEx. The shipping cost is not cheap but I usually combine several orders, so it works to just a few dollars per item in terms of postage. The brands that I order are usually not available in Switzerland or they are much cheaper or come with free gifts. Given the speed and security of DHL, I think it's worthwhile. If you are in Singapore, the other options are VPost, Comgateway and Borderlinx.

Anonymous said... is an awesome site and I haven't had any issues with orders. So glad this is happening because I wanted to buy some L'Occitane products. Thanks for the heads up!

So Lonely in Gorgeous said...

Thank you for sharing this event with all of us darling! Question, is there a promotion?

Haru said...

Do you mean if there is a promotion code? There wasn't one listed in the email I received, so it may be applied directly at checkout. You may want to sign up for their emails or follow them on Twitter for more info.

Kathi said...

Hi sweetie,
I (ab)use my Myus addy all the time lol. Btw, they offer now a US based debit card (via I got myself one (though you need one ID or passport scan and a utility bill to confirm your addy). The fees are not that bad, better than the personal shopper fees especially if you are going for a bigger order.
Plus you can be sure to score the good deals at the time you place your order. Last year on Black Friday I wanted to get like 5 specials from Sephora and by the time the Personal Shopper placed my order (and I picked urgent processing!) 4 of them were sold out and my order was cancelled.
I tried my USunlocked card on the Sephora website and it worked like a charm (and scored a goodie bag incl. a NARS lipstick, too).

Haru said...

hey Kathi dear!
I read about USunlocked but decided not to apply for it, as I'm afraid the temptations will just pile up to use it frequently. It's definitely worth considering though.

Kathi said...

I will charge only a certain amount and use that up lol. Since recharging takes up to 4 days No impulse purchase could be made after the credit has been used up. I want to have it ready for the black friday and boxing day sales mainly.