Friday, 2 November 2012

Three Spring 2013

Three will release its Love Is The Answer collection for spring on 16 November in Japan. It includes five Pressed Eye Color Palette Duos (3990yen), three Color Veil For Cheeks (3150yen) and four Glam Touch Lipsticks (3360yen). See more pics on Maiko no Happy Talk and Kuri's Beauty Report.

Pics below by More kobancho.

For the Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo, on the left is the "Core Color" while the "Love Color" is on the right. The Love Color is supposed to be layered on top of the Core Color.

Pics below by More.


stephanie said...

have you ever tried the blushes? how are they?

Rosy said...

Oooo, I love the look of this! Thanks for posting :)

Haru said...

Hi stephanie,
I haven't tried the blushes, they didn't look that special when I saw them at the counter. I also dislike the grey rubber packaging.