Monday, 12 November 2012

Lunasol Spring 2013

Inspired by the vivid colours of butterflies, Lunasol's Spring 2013 collection will be released on 18 January in Japan.

It includes:

1. Vivid Clear Eyes: 5 palettes in blue/green, pink, orange, khaki/beige and pink beige variations. (5250yen)

2. Full Glamour Liquid Lips: 5 limited edition shades (2940yen)

3. Full Glamour Lips: 5 new shades (3150yen)

4. Treatment Gloss (2310yen)

5. Coloring Cheeks N: 3 variations, each containing three tones. (2625yen)

6. High Stylized Mascara SV: Separating and volumising mascara. 1 new shade and 1 limited edition shade (3150yen)

7. Brow Styling Compact N: 2 variations, each containing three tones. (3990yen)

8. Nail Finish N: 5 limited edition shades (1575yen)

The collection theme is 彩美浄化 ("saibijouka"). More pics on this Kuri's Beauty Report, Japanese blog, Osaki Kyoko and Tina's blog.


birkinbagbeauty said...

Inspiring collection...I really like minty shades: they are one of the few blue-tones I actually like using on my eyes

The Driveller Kate said...

I probably won't buy (skipped the last few Lunasol collections) but those colours just cheer me right up <3

Haru said...

hey Kate,
Same here, Lunasol hasn't caught my fancy for a few seasons now. It just looks so bland!

hi birkinbagbeauty,
The ad visual was intriguing at first, but after seeing the products online, I think Lunasol is still playing it very safe.