Thursday, 15 November 2012

RMK Spring 2013

RMK will release a pastel-themed "Flawless Airy Matte" collection for spring on 18 January in Japan. The collection includes four loose powder blushes (dispensed through a sponge top), eye colors with a sponge tip applicator, lip crayons and nail polishes. Pic below by the Frau editor. See more close-up pics on Kirei no Hone, here, here and here.

Pic below by Maquia.

The collection includes:

1. Airy Matte Eyes: 7 shades (2310yen, LE)

2. Airy Matte Cheeks: 4 shades (2625yen, LE)

3. Lip Crayon: 6 shades (2310yen, LE)

4. Nail Color EX: 4 new shades (1575yen)

5. Separate Curl Lash Mascara N: 4 shades of which 1 is limited edition (3675yen)


Unknown said...

love the colours, but I'm never sure about sponge applicators

Unknown said...

love the colours, nice and soft but I'm never sure about attached sponge applicators :/

Haru said...

hi Trona,
Got to say I feel the same way. The collection looks like a pass for me as I don't like sponge applicators designed like that.