Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weekend at Brighton

Recently, my husband and I spent a weekend at Brighton, which is an hour by train from London. We arrived on a damp, overcast afternoon and caught the fading rays of the sunset.

The remains of the West Pier, after being battered by fires and storms.

The Brighton Pier was a quaint place of arcades, carnival ride and countless UFO catcher machines.

The Grand hotel along the Brighton promenade.

Fortunately, the next day saw better weather with blazing blue skies.

It was also Remembrance Day in the UK, in tribute to soldiers fallen in wars. This crowd was dispersing after observing a moment of silence.

We also visited the Royal Pavilion, a very striking sight with its Indian-style architecture.

A freshly laid ice rink at the Pavilion.

On the streets, someone was delighting the children by making giant bubbles.

Have a lovely weekend ahead!


Unknown said...

LOvely, lovely photos! I love Brighton. Did you take a walk in through the old cobbled alleys in the old town too? That's such a joy!

Haru said...

Yup, we did! It's a lovely town to explore on foot :-)

makeupmag said...

Thanks for sharing, dear. I've missed your travelogues!

Sara Kye said...

The carnivals really are super old school! What a beautiful place with a stunning view!