Friday, 16 November 2012

Lush Let The Good Times Roll

Let The Good Times Roll is a new limited edition face scrub/cleanser that Lush has just introduced as part of its Christmas collection. The vegan formula is an unusual combination of polenta, maize flour, corn oil bathed in a heavy popcorn scent. My pot came topped with a sprinkling of real popcorn! Only Lush would think of creating something as quirky as that.

The sugary sweet scent may be too cloying for some but I got used to it pretty quickly. The cleanser works like Angels on Bare Skin and Buche de Noel. Simply mix in a bit of water with a generous chunk and massage into the skin. Let The Good Times Roll feels more exfoliating and scrubby than Angels on Bare Skin, but without being excessively abrasive.

It left my skin feeling much smoother and softer, with the peeling skin flakes much diminished, especially on my nose. Now that winter is here, my skin gets surface dehydrated and prone to flakiness despite it still emitting oil. There was no redness or tightness in my skin after rinsing off. I wouldn't say it makes my skin "HD ready" as promised on the label.

I purchased this in London where it retails for £5.95 for 100g, which is very reasonable considering that one pot can probably provide at least 15 uses. It's definitely worth checking out if you don't mind the popcorn scent!

Below is the list of ingredients.

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