Saturday, 3 November 2012

Paul & Joe Color Powder CS 79-81 (Fall 2012)

Paul & Joe released three Color Powder CS as part of their recent autumn collection. Decorated with their signature whimsical prints and featuring a pair of parakeets, these were simply too adorable to pass up.

I purchased these at Selfridges in London. They are also available on for £18 and Beauty Habit for US$30. These are pricey but they contain a fairly generous amount of product at 6g.

The blushes have a tiny amount of pearl particles and apply with a satin finish on the skin. Typical of Paul & Joe, the shades are classic feminine tones of pink, peach and coral, superbly easy to wear and blend.

The brush feels soft against the skin, although it's not as plush as the RMK and Suqqu blush brushes. It is a tad small but actually the size makes it perfect for picking up the shades individually, in particular the crescent-shaped shade.

I was surprised by the intensity of the blushes and actually ended up having to wipe some off. Just one or two strokes of the blush is enough to lay down the color. #79 Les Tourtereaux is the most pigmented of the three, and requires a very light hand. The blushes last about five hours on my skin, with some fading by the end of the day.

Here's the look that I did with #81 Inseparables, which looks ultra natural and livens up the complexion. Messy Wands also did a look with it here.

On the lips, I'm wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss #104 from the matte line.

Ingredients list.

My treasured Collection Sparkles that I've collected over the years!

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Anonymous said...

the lip color 104 looks so good on you. i'm going to take a second look at this lipstick.