Friday, 8 August 2008

Stila Japan Exclusive

Stila Japan used to release many Japan-exclusive seasonal limited edition items such as eyeshadow palettes and makeup cases but since the change in management with Estee Lauder's sale of Stila, there haven't been that many notable Japan-exclusive releases. The last memorable one for me was the Spring Ephemeral eyeshadow trio. Last Christmas, there was the Belle of the Ball eyeshadow quad which was supposed to be Asia-exclusive but it was available through Stila's US website. But that for me was a miss as I didn't like the Stila girl illustration on the cover nor the glittery shades inside. The round eyeshadow trios had cute Stila girl illustrations but the shades were nothing spectacular.

This August, Stila Japan will be releasing a trio of accessories exclusive to Japan. Instead of the usual makeup pouches, Stila Japan has come up with a reversible hair turban (1575yen) and satin scrunchies (3150yen for the large one, 1575yen for the two small ones), plus the usual compact mirror (2940yen). All the items are limited edition and will be released on 15 August. But seriously, scrunchies? I think the last time they were in fashion was way back in the 1980s! Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie's writer boyfriend dumped her after he was miffed that she correctly pointed out that native New York women would never sport a scrunchy?

You can visit the Stila Japan website here. Do check out the wallpapers section!

Stila used to be one of my favourite brands but it has been losing its mojo of late with its constant recycling of bestsellers such as Kitten instead of coming up with more fun, innovative products the way other brands such as Urban Decay and Tarte. It's still an excellent brand to check out if you're getting into makeup for the first time and want good quality products that are easy to use and flattering but for long-time fans like me, I wish Stila would put more effort into creating more unique seasonal collections.

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Citrine said...

Thanks for the post (love the wallpaper, o_O on the scrunchy) , I've just became a Stila fan and I love their product, I already have two palette with 66% shades that are just identical...I will just keep in mind never buy similar shades from Stila again, but beside that I do really like the quality (well, I am a newbie and after blowing on a certain good-looking Japanese brand, now I don't really pick up thing every new items in each season, just the shades I like)

I have that spring ephemeral trio too, that golden green is gorgeous! I won't be worrying about using that up, since Stila always come up with repetitive palettes, it got to show up later (now that's like a good thing to me) ...