Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Aube to be discontinued?

Yet another brand bites the dust... I just read on 2Channel that come December, Aube will be revamped and replaced as a new brand, to be called "Eternal Aube" with the spokesmodel rumoured to be Japanese model Shiho. It's always sad to see familiar brands like Aube, T'estimo, Raycious go but I guess, as the Chinese saying goes, if the old don't go, the new won't arrive.

Aube has been one of my favourite Japanese drugstore brands for the past couple of years, starting with their Jewellery Shower Eyes line. Like any major brand, they have hits and misses in their line-up and I haven't purchased anything from Aube for awhile now. But I always liked its youthful feminine and cheerful image and products that had a greater sense of fun than the more mature brand positioning of, say, Maquillage and Coffret D'Or.


Anonymous said...

hope eternal will have some good stuff.

will miss rinka ~~~~

カロリイン said...

New spokesperson is Shiho. Seen alot of her ads with Adidas, and Wacoal. She's one of my fave Japanese models. I am definitely looking forward to the new launch of Eternal Aube.


Haru said...

Hey Carolyn,

Can I ask where you got the confirmation that Shiho is the spokesperson? I tried looking for news articles on Eternal Aube but couldn't find anything.