Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mini Bourjois Dose de Nacres

On my trip to Tokyo in June, I picked up three Mini Bourjois Dose de Nacres, which are loose powder eyeshadows in tiny pots in an array of gorgeous shimmery tones. The shimmer is a nice metallic glimmer without any chunky glitter bits. I love these for their affordability, silky finish, and funky palette of dark, pale and bright shades. One of my favourites is #9 which is a lovely smokey plum burgundy.

Five new shades will be released in Japan on 26 September where they retail for 630yen each. I'm guessing the five shades are #11 to #15 which are already available on Ulta.com in the US, where they retail for US$8 each.


Anonymous said...

wow these are great! they finally got rid of that ridiculous packaging and i do like pigments in smaller jars as who on earth would use that much???

bourjois is good at its loose eye shadows. i hope these will reach other countries too. it's too bad that we don't have bourjois here or i'd be looking out for these.

looking fabulous and all dark shades! i like!

Haru said...

Hi Jojoba,

If you mean the loose pigments with the brush that dips into the pot from the regular line, I think those are still around. And Bourjois has introduced even more products with the same packaging, like lip tints and liquid eye shadows.

The Dose de Nacres are part of the Mini Bourjois line, which usually has its own separate display. Hope you get to see it some day, it's excellent! The eyeshadow pans are great too.

florala said...

wow. So kawaii!! Could you tell me the name of the coppery colored pigment?

And are they really shimmery?

Thanx. :) I love your blog! :D

Haru said...

Hi Flora,

Thanks for your kind comments! The Dose de Nacres do not have names, only numbers. The copper colored one is #13. You can view the whole range by clicking on the Ulta website link in my original post. They are shimmery but not too over-the-top or sparkley, but more of a nice glimmer.