Sunday, 28 September 2008

Weekly List

I thought it would be fun to do a list of random things, both makeup-related and non-makeup related, as a round up of my week :-) I'd love to hear my readers' lists in the comments section!

Makeup purchased: The Body Shop Shimmer Bricks #17 Deadly Night Shades and #6

Product used up: Ettusais Acne Aqua Shooter Oil Control 50ml. This was average but at least it did not leave a sticky feeling like Ettusais' other products did on my skin.

Product thrown out: Tarte Cheek Stains in Cloud 9, Doll Face and Bronze Goddess. As much as I love Tarte, these were an utter disappointment mostly due to the lack of pigment for Cloud 9 and Doll Face. I got tired of wiping the leakages from these Cheek Stains and since I knew I was never going to use these up, I tossed them. Did it hurt? Yup, even though they were more than 2 years old.

Most used makeup item: MAC lipglass in Jampacked.

Item that impressed me the most: MAC nail polish in Illegal Purple. Gorgeous shade that lasted 10 days on me without chipping! Not sure if that is due to the MAC nail polish or the Kiss top coat that I used though.

Disappointing makeup item: MAC lipglass in Rich & Ripe. It was just blah, waste of my $27.

Lemming of the week: Urban Decay Book of Shadows (but I think this will pass as I'm not a big fan of cardboard palettes)

Favourite non-makeup buy: Blythe 2009 schedule book!

Online orders: order for the last season of House, Weeds, Smallville, Boston Legal, Gossip Girl and Gray's Anatomy. My first order with 20% off code 'bones' (good for 28-30 Sep only)

Fragrance that I'm loving: Vera Wang Princess. This actually turned out nicer on me than I had expected. I was worried that it would be a scrubber or give me a headache but the slightly spicy notes made this more interesting.

Fragrance CP that I'm waiting for: Jo Malone Verbenas of Provence. I'm hoping to get Sweet Lime & Cedar too!

Great blog discovery: My Women Stuff, a beauty blog by a lady based in Malaysia. Check out her very interesting report on Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite Powder Foundation and see pics of how it remains dry even when dunked in water!

Magazines purchased: Allure, Smitten, Bea's Up. I thought the Allure cover photo of Ellen Pompeo was quite badly done as she looked totally washed out. The photos insides were much better though. And there were Clinique samples of its Black Honey Almost Lipstick and an eye cream!

Over-indulgence of the week: Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream, Marks & Spencer thai chilli and beef chips and Old Chang Kee chilli crab curry puffs!

Favourite song: Gwen Stefani's The Sweet Escape

Resolutions for next week: To make it to yoga class at least twice. Even once would be good. Not get so stressed out by people at work. To stay away from the Tangs 12% rebate event!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I loved reading your list! Your blog is definitely one of my favourites.

I got Allure this week as well. I agree Ellen Pompeo looks washed out on the cover. What were your thoughts on the Best of Beauty feature?

New lemmings created by Allure: Chanel Lumiere Tropicale palette and GA Luminous Silk Foundation!

Am also looking forward to the Majolica launch in SG!

Anonymous said...

Hee, this is so fun!

Makeup purchased: N/A. Got a box of MD Skincase 4in1 EZ wipes, does it count??

Product used up: N/A

ProductS thrown out: old skincare from RMK, Cosme Decorte & MTM.

Most used makeup item: Jill Stuart lip glosses.

Item that impressed me the most: SKII skincare - never fails to give me a glow when I use it. Used occasionally, great for perking up my dull complexion.

Disappointing makeup item: N/A

LemmingS of the week: *non-makeup* Chanel Carousel Pearl Necklace *swoon* & LV Cherry Blossom pink coin purse *double swoon*.

Favourite non-makeup buy: My Melody Kewpie plush dolls!

Online orders: LV Cherry Blossom pink coin purse from evil-bay!

Fragrance that I'm loving:

Fragrance CP that I'm waiting for: N/A

Great blog discovery: N/A

Magazines purchased: Biteki and Voce Nov issues.

Over-indulgence of the week: Sprinkles cupcakes!

Favourite song: N/A

Resolutions for next week: To stay CALM at work, take special care of my back and sort out my vacation back-up plans!

cewek said...

Makeup purchased: GA Lip Wax #1-#6

Product used up: Avene's Cleanance moisturiser.

Product thrown out: Rimmel's Glam Eyes mascara - it dried up but it was being used for more than 3 months so no loss there!

Most used makeup item: MAC F&B foundation in C4 or C6. Daily staple!

Item that impressed me the most: Zoya's Audrina nail polish! Gorgeous colour - perfect for Australian spring!

Disappointing makeup item: I can't think of any! Haru - I quite liked MAC's Rich & Ripe lipglass! Different strokes for different folks I guess :)

Lemming of the week: YSL Pur Gloss-Black. Don't ask!

Favourite non-makeup buy: My iPod Nano - so handy for when I jog!

Online orders: order! My spring/summer wardrobe all sewn up for less than AUD200 :) and an upcoming SAKS order for MAC for Ungaro collection.

Fragrance that I'm loving: Jo Malone's Orange Blossoms! Really gorgeous jasmine-y and white flowers scent!

Fragrance CP that I'm waiting for:
No more fragrance purchases for me for a while unless it's for DH!

Great blog discovery: Makeup Makes Me Happy! A great blog for women of colour :)

Magazines purchased: US Harper's Bazaar, Domino, Real Simple and Australian Good Homes & Garden. I'd like to get a subscription for all! It would save me a ton!

Over-indulgence of the week: Beer on Friday night and most of Saturday!

Favourite song: Miley Cyrus' See You Again - sad I know!

Resolutions for next week: to watch the TV shows that a work colleague has kindly downloaded for me; train harder in the gym - summer is almost here!

Anonymous said...

Wow- hope I get my free samples with Allure (highly unlikely, as I'm in Australia). Love your blog, it makes me want to come back to Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru

It was such a surprise to see you had mentioned me on your blog! Thank you for the honour. :) I'd been reading (mostly silently) for a while. Keep up the good work and I'll stay tuned for more Japanese makeup news! :)


Haru said...

Hey Pb,

I had great fun reading your blog and found it very informative! I'll definitely be checking it regularly :-)

Hey Visee,
The Best of Beauty feature is useful but I don't live and die by it. It's a bit hard to take it seriously when you know that many of the companies are big advertisers in Allure. I use it more as a reference for products to check out. They've also done away with the Readers' Choice vs Editors' Choice thing, which I found useful in the past.

Hey Michelle,
My Melody Kewpie dolls? Sounds cute! I haven't tried SKII products before as I can't get past the smell. And I've read that it's not very suitable for oily skin so I don't dare to risk it.

Hope you have a smoother work week ahead! I get horribly stressed out and tense by work but well, it pays for all the pretty things I like to buy so just got to keep on slogging!

Hi Cewek!
You got the GA Lip Waxes!! I was eyeing them too but then decided against it since I've been disappointed too many times by GA in the past and I find that I tend to neglect products that require me to dip a finger into the pot. But these still look very lovely!

I'm glad that Rich & Ripe worked for you. It's not bad, just not very interesting on me but that's probably because I prefer richer colours.

Glad to see you're also a fan of Jo Malone! I have her Gardenia and Tuberose fragrances which I don't wear often as they're quite strong but I still have a strange lemming for her fragrances to the point that I ask for CPs without even having sniffed them.

I'll check out the Makeup Makes Me Happy blog! Thanks for the recommendation :-)

Hey Sam,
I think the Allure issues in Australia should have the samples as well as they're stuck onto the back of the makeup tips page (the one with four columns), quite tiny peel off sachets, not the big bulky packs that usually get removed in the copies sent outside the US. I hate it when mags remove the freebies for their overseas readers!

I wish I could live in Australia sometimes too. Of course not for the makeup shopping as prices are so jacked up in Australia but I like the open spaces, relaxed atmosphere and friendly people. And also the clothing chain Cue!

Anonymous said...

Makeup purchased: Kanebo eyeshadow , Visee X Vivi collaborate , Kose Shirosumi

Product used up: Kose Supreme Range Night cream

Product thrown out: tons of old crap, i cleared out my makeup on the weekend

Most used makeup item: Hanskin bb cream

Item that impressed me the most: Nini Monica blusher

Disappointing makeup item:
Dove facial foam wash

Lemming of the week: Coffret Dior christmas release

Favourite non-makeup buy: pink headphones

Online orders: Orbis cereal bars

Fragrance that I'm loving: N/A

Fragrance CP that I'm waiting for: N/A

Great blog discovery: too many to name

Magazines purchased: PINKY

Over-indulgence of the week: eating too much everyday

Favourite song: Take a Bow [Rhianna]

Resolutions for next week: Not spend too much when i go for my working trip in Singapore! XD

Haru said...

Hi Yumeko,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'm curious to see how similar the Coffret D'Or palettes will be to the Lavshuca summer palettes.

Have fun on your trip to Singapore! It's horribly hot here as usual, but I hate it when it rains too. How I wish we could have 4 seasons...

Anonymous said...

Ah they are available in the stores now at 4200yen so we know the big difference is price heeehee

i dont really feel the colors are anything too special but i do love love love the case

yes not looking forward to the weather aspect so hopefully the office AC is turned on high HEEHEE

Amelia Yap said...

Makeup purchased: Pureluxe eyeshadow in ballerina, not alot but i have plenty on my list for my trip to japan heh heh

Product used up: Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser for sensitive skin, Clarins Multi Active gel, Avene Thermal water spray

Product thrown out: Paul and Joe Christmas palette from couple of years back, Elizabeth Arden Eyeliner pencil in black, Those pearl eyeliners you get from sprees.

Most used makeup item: Paul and Joe Protective foundation primer

Item that impressed me the most: Majolica Majorca's neoliner (shucks i forgot the exact name) works well everytime i use it, Clarins Beauty flash balm; brightens up my complexion everytime, Aveeno non-scented bodywash; so moisturizing without being sticky and so gentle.

Disappointing makeup item: Kiss Gel foundation, Paul and Joe loose powder, any revlon lipstick

Lemming of the week: Anything that is a mask for hydration and suitable for sensitive skin

Favourite non-makeup buy: Trench coat from korean apparel spree

Online orders:
2 dresses, a skirt, a belt, a necklace and 2 tights from, many many masks from online sprees,

Fragrance that I'm loving: I don't use any as I'm allergic :(

Fragrance CP that I'm waiting for: nil

Great blog discovery: Not about beauty though... Obachan's Kitchen and Balcony garden, my indulgence in home made food

Magazines purchased: lately none.. surprisingly

Over-indulgence of the week: 3 scoops of ice cream from Ministry of Food in suntec

Favourite song: Let me be with you by round table

Resolutions for next week: To hit the gym 3 times a week. Cut my carb intake by 25%. Save enough money for my shopping trip to japan

Anonymous said...

i love black honey almost lipstick! but they don't sell it in singapore anymore. which month's allure issue did you buy?

Haru said...

Hi Eliza,

It is the October "Best of Beauty" issue with Ellen Pompeo on the cover.

Hey Amelia,
you threw out a P&J Xmas palette?! Hope you got a lot of use out of it. I tend to keep LE items around even if they are past their usable date.
Hope you have a great holiday in Japan!