Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Biteki, Voce & Maquia November

Biteki's November issue features tutorials on 'real' makeup that reflects your personality, eye makeup techniques for single-lidded and double-lidded ladies and tips for reviving the softness of your skin. It also comes with a Sofina Beaute four-colour pen and memo pad set. Biteki will also report on the Christmas collections in its next issue due out on 23 October.

The theme of Voce's November issue is "Bath Time Beauty" featuring tips on how to pamper yourself at bath time, celebrities' bath rituals and detailed testing of the top five powder foundations and top five liquid foundations for Autumn/Winter. Voce will include its annual pull-out catalog of the Christmas collections in its next issue also due out on 23 October.

Maquia features actress Fukatsu Eri (who just co-starred with Kimura Takuya in the J-drama "Change") on the cover with features on new A/W foundations from 43 brands, comparisons of popular mascaras and skincare tips for keeping skin moisturised. This issue also comes with a Kanebo Impress Concentrate Mask and a reversible scrunchy. Maquia's December issue will also include a Christmas collections catalog.

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