Thursday, 18 September 2008

Givenchy Le Soin Noir

Le Soin Noir, Givenchy's contribution to the battle of premium skin creams, will land in Japan on 24 October. Priced at 39,900yen (about USS$380) for 50ml, it boasts an exclusive Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate that claims to have restorative powers. The algae was chosen thanks to its ability to survive in hostile environments. It contains a molecule that is said to help cells connect and communicate with each other. Once applied on skin, the black pigment disappears so there's no worry of looking like your face is dirty.

This will retail for 220pounds in the UK and 290 euros in France.


Unknown said...

Goodness! Pricey Stuff!! Would they like my little finger along with that massive price tag?? haha

Anonymous said...


Looks interesting but I'd pass.


Thanks for the information!