Friday, 12 September 2008

La Mer Holiday '08

For the holiday season, La Mer will be rolling up several deluxe sets. The prices are, typical of La Mer, mind-bogglingly expensive but I'm sure they will still be snapped up in no time by devotees of the brand.

Out on 1 November: Miraculous Beginnings (50,400yen) which includes Creme de La Mer 30ml, Moisturising Lotion 30ml, Eye Concentrate 5ml, Lifting Serum 9ml, Lifting Intensifier 3ml, Cleansing Lotion 100ml, The Tonic 100ml and a cosmetic case.

Out on 14 November: Creme de La Mer Horiki Eriko Limited Edition (54,600yen) Done in collaboration with Japanese washi (traditional Japanese paper) artist Horiki Eriko, this "Messages"-themed set features a 60ml jar of Creme de La Mer surrounded by message cards in the colours of La Mer's packaging. These can be hung on door knobs or hooks as a decorative feature.

Out on 5 December: Creme de La Creme (199,500yen)
This is the super-deluxe 500ml pot of La Mer cream that comes in a mother-of-pearl box. And in case you're wondering, the price is approximately US$1864. Cripes... Who buys this stuff?!

For those who can't afford Creme de La Creme, there is the much more affordably-priced Signature Collection (34,650yen) - well, as affordable as La Mer gets anyway - which comes with La Mer 30ml, Lifting Serum 15ml and Eye Concentrate 5ml.

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