Saturday, 27 September 2008

Canmake New Collection

Canmake will release a small colour makeup collection on 7 October in Japan.

1. Cheek Gradation: #5 Peach (840yen)
2. Pop'n'Jelly Gloss: #8 Strawberry Syrup and #9 Strawberry Milk (567yen)
3. Colorful Nails: Revamped nail polish line with 7 shades. (378yen)
4. Make Me Happy: Sugar Berry with notes of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry (1575yen, 30ml)

Canmake also added a new shade to its Four Shiny Eyes palette line in September, #4 Berry Compote.

1 comment:

plue said...

lovely, but i rather buy MM now :P

gonna go buy a bit more~