Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ayura Night Meditation

Ayura will launch Night Meditation, a cologne designed for relaxation and facilitating a good night's sleep, on 23 October in Japan. The scent is a mix of aromatic herbs, violet, sandalwood and bamboo. There will also be a couple of limited edition sets.

1. Night Meditation (Natural Spray): (3360yen, 20ml)

2. Night Meditation Bath Collection : Meditation cologne, Meditation Bath α and a Juke Tower (water-resistant MP3 player that plays healing music) (12,600yen)

3. Night Meditation Room Collection: Meditation cologne, Meditation Aroma Oil and Night Meditation Aroma Pot (5250yen)

1 comment:

Anissa said...

Do you know if I can get Ayura at duty free stores at the Narita airport? Will be traveling through this summer and just wanted to know if I can purchase at the airport. Thank you! I love your blog!