Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Kenzo Eau de Fleur Collection

Kenzo recently launched a limited edition trio of gentle floral fragrances, Eau de Fleur in Silk, Magnolia and Tea. These flower waters are picked from Japanese trees and each fragrance is supposed to 'evoke a delicate trail of tree blossom', according to the box labels. These have been available in Singapore since a couple of weeks ago. I chanced across them one evening and out of curiosity, tried them all on my skin.

The Tea fragrance is described as a "a white cowbell with a heart of gold.... the tea flower diffuses a floral concoction with notes of green tea and a hint of musk". Created by Aurelien Guichard, Tea was an immediate winner for me, as it is a very refreshing scent without any sharp notes. It's something that I would use every day to help perk me up in the mornings and to relax. The lasting power is not as tenacious as Flower By Kenzo and fades after three to four hours. At S$87 for 50ml, it is pricey but I liked it enough to splurge on it as it's a fragrance that I can see myself wearing quite frequently.

I like the thoughtful packaging of Kenzo's products which have a sleek, Japanese aesthetic of clean fluid lines that are simple and elegant. The Eau de Fleur perfumes come in a fold-out box that opens up to present the perfume nestled snugly like a pearl.

I also picked up the Eau de Fleur de Magnolia. It's described as a "a radiant floral bouquet, bursting with hesperidian notes, dances beneath a cloak of petals". The citrus notes are what I noticed immediately, which is unusual for a floral fragrance. Like Tea, it is light, airy and refreshing without being cloying or overly-sweet. Created by Francis Kurkdjian, I found this to be more unique than the Silk fragrance.

The third fragrance in this collection, Eau De Fleur de Soie (silk flower), created by Jean Jacques, is a soft floral-fruity fragrance described as "a breeze of silk blossom with a charming bouquet of the heart which is delicately touched with tasty fruity accords". It was not particularly impressive or memorable to me to justify spending S$87 on so I skipped this.

Overall, I would highly recommend checking out this collection of fragrances if you're looking for a light, airy scent that connotes elegance and femininity without being cloying or heavily powdery like Flower by Kenzo. They're a welcome departure from the plethora of sickly sweet floral fruity fragrances that are ubiquitous in Japan.

One great thing about shopping at the Kenzo counter in Robinson's (Raffles City) is that the SAs are always generous with samples and GWPs. I got these with my purchase of the two Eau de Fleur perfumes. First, a Flower by Kenzo Creamy Body Milk 75ml and EDT 4ml in a cute drawstring pouch.

Another Flower by Kenzo EDT miniature but this time in a deluxe 10ml size.

KenzoAmour Bath Duo Pouch that includes a Perfumed Body Nectar 15ml and a Perfumed Shower Honey 15ml. I love the pouch with its vibrant colours and origami-like construction!

And finally a L'Eau Par Kenzo Fresh Moisturising Body Gel 15ml, Foaming Shower Gel 15ml and Fresh Deodorant Natural Spray 15ml in a clear plastic zip pouch. With accumulated purchases of S$400 within 6 months, you can also become a Kenzo VIP member that gives you a 5% discount on all future purchases.


plue said...

hi Haru, saw your post on this. Was wondering is the one Magnolia smells like TBS's Magnolia? I am looking for something like that :)



Anonymous said...

I love kenzo flower its my trademark scent and i love the box of the eau de fleur, its so cool!